Tera Mera Saath Rahe 26th January 2022 Written Update:

Priya says he doesn’t adore you. Gopika says I want to have some good times like you taking others’ better half. Priya says that could never occur, Saksham is mine as it were. Gopika says we will see. Go at this point. She shows her a flame and says get out. Priya runs out.

Minal says how could Gopika be so eager? Nikhila says Priya attempted to kill Saksham. Minal says however saksham was associated with it. Chiragh says he said she was lying. Minal says Priya demonstrated it’s all incident due to Nikhila.

Nikhila says so I am answerable for this you mean? Keshap says she implies we as a whole saw it. Gopika requested 7 crore. Nikhila says gopika didn’t wed Saksham for cash. I made her the DIL of this house. There should be an explanation.

Minal says she requested cash before everybody. Nikhila says I realize she has an explanation. Chiragh gets out whatever’s occurring. Nikhila says I won’t ever acknowledge Priya. That spot is just Gopika. They hear a commotion.

Scene 2
Gopika plays with a plate and spoon. Saksham gets out whatever would you say you are doing? She says keep awake. Nikhila says this is 12 PM. What’s happening with you? Gopika says we didn’t do greh parvesh of the new lady. Saksham says would you say you are insane? Aashi says is this a fantasy? Gopika says no reality.

Gopika says my entrance demolished your greh paravesh Priya. I’m SAksham’s ex and I will do your greh parvesh. Everything is prepared. Nobody is dressed. That is fine correct? She says to Saksham come how about we do your greh parvesh.

He says stop this dramatization. Gopika says Priya he resembles that. You need to do it single-handedly. Gopika does her arti. She says come on, kick this. Priya says don’t do this show. Priya kicks the rice. Gopika says maa ji give her favors. She says I will not.

Gopika asks Minal and Keshap. She says could any of you give her gifts? That would be correct? Give her cash in any event. They all give cash. Gopika counts and says this is simply 50k. You penny pinchers. she’s another lady of the hour.

Just 50k for her? She wedded Saksham for cash. She says 25 yours and 25 mine. When will you pay the rest? I just got 25k out of 7 crores. How long will I stay here. I would rather not distrub your rest. Minal says to Nikhila do you actually trust her? Gopika says when will I get my cash? Saksham have some disgrace.

Did you fail to remember the affection my family gave you? How my mother made you, considered you her girl, Chiragh he’s your companion and he showed you, all the affection and gifts I gave you. What might be said about all that. Gopika says these gifts? She takes out the dress. She takes out the photos and tosses them all on the floor.

She consumes his letter. Gopika says this all has no worth. She consume everything. Saksham is stunned. Gopika says and this sindur. She tosses it in fire as well. Minal says this isn’t right Gopika. Gopika says I need my right. Give me my cash so I can dispose of all of you.

Scene 3
Ramila comes to meet Aashi. She says we need to satisfy Gopika. She will get huge load of cash. Ramila says I was so stressed for you my little girl. I came here. Gopika says why? Ramila says I was stressed over you. Aashi let me know how you got 25k in one moment. Give this to me, I will guard it.

Priya may take it. Gopika says burglary can occur there as well. Ramila says 7 crores is excessively less. I would have let you know the right pace of divorce settlement. Come to my home, that is your home. Gopika says I can give you this cash yet assuming one penny is absent.. She shows her blade. Ramila says you will cut my eyes? Gopika says you should pay for each penny. I will trim your hair. Ramila says shouts and says no please. Gopika says take the cash and go at this point.

Saksham reviews his minutes with Gopika. the melody Judaai plays. He is vexed. Saksham takes a gander at the consumed things. He cries.

Precap :Saksham and Gopika embrace. Priya says Saksham will be mine. She sees Gopika and Saksham embracing.

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