Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 17th February 2022 Written Update:

Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 17th February 2022 Written Update: The episode begins with Sharmila telling every one of these is the consequence of your mom’s and Kajol’s adoration. Anurag tells it is likewise her,his father’s and Dida maa’s gifts. Sharmila tells she is truly cheerful. Anurag tells Sharmila tomorrow he will twofold her bliss. Sharmila asks what will happen tomorrow? Anurag advises her to arrange a party and welcome everybody. Sharmila tells to observe how she arranges a party. Anurag contemplates Naina and Priyanka offending Kajol and thinks now the opportunity has arrived to answer each and every individual who treated her wrong.

Kaushik advises Arjun to find a financial backer soon or, more than likely the entirety of his arrangements will come up short. Arjun tells he is attempting however at whatever point he meets someone,Naina ruins his arrangements. Anurag welcomes everybody for supper. Anandita insults Kajol and explains for what reason is Anurag welcoming us for supper. Naina tells she saw on news that Anurag was granted perhaps he is setting up a party for that. Kaushik tells interpersonal interaction is truly significant in business and Basu family is extremely rich so we ought to go to the party. Naina remembers to take cash from Kajol before any further show.

Priyanka’s mom awakens her and tells Anurag has welcomed us for supper. Priyanka tells she can’t see how Anurag stood up during activity. Anurag acclaims Sharmila for the excellent beautification and communicates his satisfaction. Anurag invites Anandita. Anandita lets it’s a wonder know that Anurag is remaining on his legs. Naina thinks how is Kajol not yet here. Arjun compliments Anurag. Anurag invites Kajol and her family and lets them know he was enthusiastically hanging tight for them. Sharmila invites everybody.

Kajol advises Bolti to meet her family and attempt despite the fact that they are angry with her. Priyanka’s tire gets penetrated and she gets stressed reasoning Anurag gave his prize to Kajol last day and no thought what he would to the present time. Anurag’s dad raises a toast in his possession and advises Anurag to cut the cake. Anurag tells he is hanging tight for an exceptionally extraordinary visitor. Priyanka tells she is here and apologizes for being late. Anurag tells everybody may be interested why they are here,Anurag tells today he will make an extraordinary declaration before everybody. Anurag tells today he will hold the hands of the young lady who battled with the world for himself and never walked out on him. Priyanka guarantees Anurag she could never walk out on him and tells she is truly happy watching him on his legs today.

Priyanka tells everybody may be thinking where she was when Anurag was sick, Priyanka tells she was discouraged and taking treatment and she doesn’t recollect what she said to individuals in that condition. Priyanka tells how about we cut the cake and celebrate as this is a particularly extraordinary day for Anurag. Anurag cuts the cake as everybody applauds. Anurag expresses gratitude toward Priyanka as a result of her he could meet his genuine affection. The episode closes with Anurag taking care of the cake to Priyanka.

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