BhagyaLakshmi 17th February 2022 Written Update:

BhagyaLakshmi 17th February 2022 Written Update: The episode begins with Robber getting Shalu and Ayush. Ayush sits close to her. Shipra tells seems like he loves her. Shalu tells no. Ayush hushes her. Arjun requests that Shipra take Manager to the storage space to get the cash. Shipra lets them know she will take Malishka as well, appears as though she is a relative of the administrator. Malishka contemplates whether Rishi is with Lakshmi. Lakshmi requests that he call Police. Rishi tells signals are not coming. Burglars hear their voices. Lakshmi lets him know she is concerned for Shalu.

Rishi tells Ayush will deal with Shalu. Bhuvan goes into the room and points a weapon at them. Virendra feels stressed for Neelam’s state and he appeals to God to save Rishi and he remembers to call Rishi home. Arjun sends his men to look through the entire bank. Ayush looks for his Mom and he sees her. Karishma signs him to keep quiet.

Bhuvan requests that they give their telephones to him. Rishi says signals are not coming to call the police so place your weapon to the side and we will give up portable to you. Bhuvan lets them know he isn’t a simpleton. Arjun caughts Karishma noticing Ayush’s moves and he requests that she sit with Shalu yet she denies. Arjun tells your Mom would really rather avoid the young lady you like. Karishma tells his child tried to avoid her as well. Arjun focuses a weapon at her.

Lakshmi requests that Rishi give the telephone without a verbal battle. Rishi battles with her. Bhuvan explains to that is the reason I didn’t get hitched. Rishi tells he accomplished something useful. Lakshmi says she isn’t his better half. Rishi gives his telephone to him and lets him know his better half doesn’t have a telephone. Bhuvan says she said she isn’t his significant other. Another Robber comes and tells she is his significant other as the main spouse who has this much solidarity to battle with her better half. Rishi tells they have single portable. Lakshmi acknowledges he is saving her versatile. Ayush causes Karishma to sit with them. Arjun takes the telephone from her.

Rishi enlightens the Robbers concerning his sufferings due to his better half and he requests that they help her. Lakshmi says I get everything except I kept quiet on the grounds that. Bhuvan lets them know they accepted that they are spouse and husband and they have a solitary telephone and he requests that they accompany him. They concur. Rishi requests that Lakshmi call the police when she gets the sign and he tells her that he will deal with the hooligans. Malishka comes there with Shipra and asks what’s happening with’s he. Looters tell leave him as he is with his better half. Malishka faces him about his shared service and questions why he faults her subsequent to doing the mix-up. Rishi requests that the looters take him. Malishka says they are not a couple and I will get hitched to him.

Bhuvan tells Rishi and Lakshmi love one another. Malishka tells she isn’t getting anything. Shipra requests that she come. Malishka requests that she take Lakshmi. Shipra concurs. Rishi thinks he arranged with Lakshmi and tells Shipra to not take Lakshmi. Looters tell in the battle spouse will constantly prevail upon the special lady. Rishi remembers to explain to Malishka why he did it subsequent to setting everything. Virendra gets Rishi’s telephone is turned off then he calls Ayush and Karishma and their telephone likewise turned off. Dadi asks how might it occur. Virendra explains to that is the reason he is feeling stressed.

Rishi assists Lakshmi with getting away by let Robbers know that he has another telephone. Burglars follow him. Lakshmi looks for signals. The supervisor requests that Malishka not take pressure and that Lakshmi could coercion Rishi. Malishka says she isn’t like that. Shipra says such a lot of regard for your sweetheart’s better half. Malishka becomes furious and tosses the key from the window. Shipra slaps her and focuses a weapon at her and they take them ground floor. Thugs run close to Rishi and notice Lakshmi have a telephone with her. Shipra tosses Malishka yet Malishka battles with her. Lakshmi sees the landline and notification it’s additionally not working. Arjun asks what occurred. Shipra tells Malishka tossed the storage key from the window. Arjun focuses a weapon at Malishka.

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