Thapki Pyar Ki 2 17th February 2022 Written Update:

Thapki Pyar Ki 2 17th February 2022 Written Update: The episode begins with Purab picking white sherwani. Thapki tells it’s the person who he wore in his first marriage and he about keeps it to the side then Thapki says you can’t keep it to the side any other way I will feel that I’m influencing you. Purab says I will wear it and right the error that occurred with Hansika last time. Thapki thinks this time additionally she will get hitched to him with maata rani endowments. Later laborer brings the channel espresso. Purab tells he didn’t organization it.

Thapki irons his sherwani and lets him know she requested it so he can look new on his marriage and she inquires as to whether he missed her essence in the room when she went out. Purab looks on. Thapki says I will wed around the same time like you and Maata rani might make somebody to me. Purab gets out whatever you said in Dargah? You previously pondered your marriage and you’re twofold sided. Thapki inquires as to why? You’re feeling dismal to envision me with somebody. Purab requests that she leave his room telling he must be prepared for his marriage. Thapki leaves. Purab drinks the espresso.

Anjali lets Hansika know that she must be cautious as it’s precarious to allow Thapki to go to the marriage. Hansika tells her she previously organized the snare for Thapki. Vinod doles out work to catering individuals. Thapki lets him know she will deal with it. Vinod leaves. Thapki figures she will acquire their trust once more. Purab requests that his supervisor send Media individuals from his home. Thapki pays attention to him then she relegates work to cater individuals. Anjali asks what’s her arrangement. Hansika says two of the cooking individuals are my men and they will avoid Thapki with regard to the town and she will require 2-3 days to return the house. Cooking individuals grab Thapki by tying her. Veena comes to Hansika’s room. Anjali gets stunned yet Hansika sits in the wheelchair on schedule. Veena lets Hansika know that she will prepare her for marriage. Hansika behaves like she is blissful. Providing food individuals conceal Thapki in a vessel and take her to the storeroom. Hansika calls cooking individuals and inquires as to whether work is finished. Criminal tells media individuals is outside so we concealed her in the toilet. Hansika requests that they hang tight for her orders.

Thapki couldn’t emerge from the vessel than she messages to Ashok. Hansika men go to have food. The internal identity of Purab questions him why he is conning himself and your eyes are looking for Thapki and you need to wed Thapki. Purab tells he isn’t right. Internal identity requests that he tell that he doesn’t adore Thapki. Purab yells shut up and his internal identity vanishes. Ashok and Anshul come to latrine as transsexuals with other transsexuals. Ashok gives them laddoo and leaves. Servers falls oblivious in the wake of eating the laddo then Ashok and Anshul saves Thapki from the vessel. Veena causes Hansika to prepare and tells she doesn’t have the foggiest idea why she did an error by picking Thapki yet maata rani offered me a chance to address it and she keeps Kaala teeka behind her ears.

Thapki inquires as to why they come along these lines. Ashok tells they didn’t have another way. Anshul says how about we battle together. Thapki tells Hansika can do nothing to me when my family upholds me. Transsexuals ask what help she wants from them. Thapki requests that they abduct Hansika instead of her and nobody will recognize me in the Ghoonghat. Veena passes on requesting that Hansika prepare. Hansika requests that her Mom know whether Thapki is secure with them or not. Anjali leaves. Thapki goes into the room and makes Hansika oblivious then she requests that her Mama Ji shift Hansika to storeroom before Anjali sees her. Ashok leaves in the wake of gift her. Thapki holds wedding lehenga.

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