Thapki Pyar Ki 15th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode starts with Veena devi tells to media and relatives that I always wanted my heir and Daughter in law to be one and finally I found the one who take my position and meet her. Purab stops her saying I’m also waiting for her so if you don’t mine I will introduce her. Thapki realises Purab is Veenadevi son and she thinks no I can’t marry this guy. Preethi tells to her Mom that boy is handsome. Veena devi smiles. Purab takes Hansika to stage in place of Thapki and in this process Shagun bangle removes from Thapki hand and her Duppatta gets removed. Veena and Dadi gets shocked. Thapki goes to take her bangle.

Purab announces Hansika as his would be wife. Thapki family gets shocked. Hansika feels happy and about to hug Veena devi but she stops her saying Daughter in laws won’t hug and they tame blessings by holding feet. Hansika takes her blessings. Media wants them to give bytes. Purab agrees but he gets call and goes to attend it.

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Veena devi about to leave but Sapna stops her and tells to media that their is another announcement and she takes Thapki to stage and tells to everyone that Thapki is becoming her daughter in law by marrying her son Armaan and she make her wear Shagun bangle and Duppatta than she tells to Thapki that Veena devi choosed her for her youger daughter. Priyanka feels happy. Veena devi gets angry. Thapki thinks I’m glad I don’t need to marry Purab. Thapki family feels confused. Asha shows Armaan photo to Thapki than she calls everyone to stage to take the group photos and she indirectly mocks Veena and asks her to bless Thapki as she may become good singer than you. Thapki touches Veena feet than she says you’re like my daughter so no need to hold my feet so hug me. Thapki hugs her. Hansika gets angry. Veena devi blesses Thapki.

Sapna tells to Thapki that her son is working in foreign and asks her to see the album of her son and tells her that she will come soon than she introduces Priyanka to Thapki. Prianka asks Thapki to sing saying she will shoot than Thapki coughs than she sen Priyanka to get tea for Thapki which Veena devi used to drink. Priyanka thinks she made me servant.

Veena devi meets her son and says I did everything for you but you’re ruining your life by marrying the girl whom you don’t love. Purab says you don’t like my childhood friend but you liked some stranger girl for me. Veena devi says I choosed perfect partner for you but you choosed wrong one and you will get to know it with time and my choice is good for you and our family so think about it before it’s too late. Sapna sends Thapki to her parents than she sees Veena who’s about to slip than she holds her than she asks if she is angry? I did it to save our reputation and wanted to get her as our Bahu. Veena devi leaves.

Thapki thanks Maata rani for giving her good mother in law ad hope Armaan is good unlike Purab. Purab thinks about his Mom words. Veena devi tells to Dadi that Sapna cheated her. Dadi says no, she just used the opportunity as Purab choosed Hansika not Thapki and its leela of Maata rani. Maata rani Duppatta flies on Purab face and she hits thali in Thapki hand and sindoor fell in her maang. Purab removes the Duppatta and they gets shocked seeing eachother.

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