Nima Denzongpa 15th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode begins with Nima is working in Suman’s house. Tulika hides and starts approaching her but Bakay grabs her and says you are a thief right? Go away. Tulika says no.. no. Suresh comes there and sees her. He says Tulika?

Bakay brings Tulika and Suresh to Maaji. Suresh says she is my wife. Tulika says I didn’t sneak in. Maaji says why was she spying on our house? Bakay says she was looking through the windows. Ginesh tells Suresh that you are creating issues since you came here. Suresh says I am really sorry. Maaji asks what is she doing here? Tulika tries to talk but her voice is gone. Suresh says she needed money as she is ill. Maaji moves away from her. Tulika says I have a sore throat. Ginesh scolds them and asks Suresh to send her away. Take our permission before coming here again. Suresh takes Tulika from there. Tulika is looking around but doesn’t see Nima. Nima sees her from the kitchen and gets scared. Suresh asks Tulika to go away. Tulika leaves.

Mania comes to the office to meet the CEO. She sees Ginesh’s picture on the wall and says he must be the CEO uncle. She recites what she will say to him. She says I will tell him I can’t shoot now.

In the bank, the manager tells everyone that we will have an annual trip. We are going to Pune this time. Sia says all have to attend? He says yes, it’s compulsory. You all have to submit the form in 2 days. He leaves. Shiv sees Sia tensed and asks what happened? These workshops are fun. Sia says it’s not about that, I don’t think Ayi would allow me to go. She never let us stay overnight anywhere. Shiv says you can ask her. Sia says you don’t know my mother.

The secretary calls Paras and says Mania came to meet you. Paras smiles looking at her bracelet. Mania enters the room but Paras is looking away. He asks her to sit down as he is looking for the reference catalog. Mania says look uncle, stop looking for the catalog. Thank you for giving me the chance but self-respect is most important to me so I can’t do this shoot. I can’t do it. Paras turns around and says I am not an uncle. Mania smiles seeing him. She says Paras? He says you remember my name? Mania says you saved my life. Where is the uncle? Paras says he is my mother, I am the CEO now.

Mania says it’s so good to see you. I was having a boring day but not anymore. Did you do all this to meet again? Paras coughs and gets scared. Mania laughs. Paras says I think my photographer did a mistake by rejecting you. You suit our brand. Mania says you are cute, I wanted to do this shoot but I am confused now. Paras says I want to make this saree business grow. He tells her his business plan. He says I know you didn’t like the work but it’s a big chance, you will be the face of our campaign.

Mania says I don’t understand all this but you have given me respect so I will do it. She shakes her hand with him. Paras smiles. Paras’ friend Hemal comes there. Mania says I should get going. She smiles and leaves. Hemal says you didn’t introduce me to bhabhi? I know you are getting married. Paras says she is our model, she is not my would-be wife. Hemal says I knew you couldn’t score a girl like her. Paras hits him.

Nima comes to Suresh and says why was Tulika here? Everything is going well but your wife had to come here? People are talking about her in the house. Suresh says she is crazy. Nima says if she had seen me then she would have created an issue. We could have lost our jobs, I can’t survive without this job. Suresh says I am sorry, trust me I will handle Tulika. Nima says you have to as we don’t have another choice.

A postman brings a letter for Varun. He takes it and goes away. Sunita says what would be in that letter? She asks him. Varun says it’s good news. Sunita asks him to read it to her. Varun says it’s written that because of his poor attendance, he will not be eligible to sit in the exam. He will have to repeat the class. Sunita says what does it mean? Varun gets tensed and says they are happy with my dance and encouraged me.

Ginesh is talking to Babita’s father-in-law. He ends the call and tells Paras that Babita’s inlaws agreed for the combined engagement ceremony so you will get engaged on the same day. Paras gets tensed and says what if we launch our online campaign at our engagement party only. There would be rich people there. Ginesh likes the idea and praises him.

Nima comes home and is tensed. Sarla meets her and asks where are you lost? Nima says I am just busy with work. Sarla says we will talk today.

Suresh comes home and is angry at Tulika. He says how can you spy at my workplace? I was insulted. Sunita asks Suresh to calm down. Suresh asks why did you do it? Tulika says I wanted to catch you red-handed, you don’t take my call but have another girl’s handkerchief? I wanted to see who are you meeting up with. Suresh says we have been married for years but your doubt never goes away, you are going crazy as you go old. Tulika says don’t call me that. Sunita asks Suresh to forget all that. Suresh shouts that she is getting me insulted everywhere. I don’t want to live in this house anymore. Tulika is stunned to hear that.

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