Thapki Pyar Ki 14th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode starts with Veena Devi says I will announce infront of media and relatives that Purab and Thapki will marry, till then don’t tell to anyone. Thapki thinks to keep her condition before Veena Devi and she tries to talk with Veenadevi. Dadi asks her to don’t feel nervous. Sudha encourages Thapki to talk. Thapki about to say but she coudnt do as several things stops her than Veena devi asks Thapki to come to her music room to talk with her and she asks Tai ji to take care of guests. Veenadevi scolds worker for his stammering problem and she tells him that she never allow him to enter her Ave if she knows about his Stammering problem as I feel heart of Stammering person is not good and she sends him out.

Thapki comes to Veena devi practice room and Veena devi says this room is yours too and I will teach you everything as you’re going to be my heir and she asks what she wants to tell her. Thapki tries to tell her but she coughs because of doop. Veena devi makes her drink hot water. Manager informs to Veena devi that media is arrived. Veena devi goes to attend them.

Manager tells to Purab that Veena devi mam removed Music director and don’t know how we are going to finish music album for Navaratri so please talk to her. Purab asks to give him remaining director’s list and he thinks that he don’t want to talk with her as she fixed the alliance without talking to him. Tai ji asks Purab to attend the pooja as guests and Media is at our home. Purab asks what’s happening at home but she won’t reveal anything and asks him to return to home. Nandini asks her Mom in law what’s her plan. Tai ji says she wants to make Thapki as her Bahu. Nandini assumes she is planning to get Thapki married to her husband.

Veena devi sings song in devi maa Aarti and Thapki writes letter to Veena devi saying you’re good like your voice and thanks for accepting me even after my Stammering problem and I don’t want to hide anything from you and everyone considered me illegitimate and my mom beared so much pain for me so it’s my request that I want to take care of my Mom post marriage with doing work and I hope you understand and she goes to Veena devi but chit flies from her hand.

Purab rushes to home. Hansika calls him than he says he is going to home. Hansika tells him that she wants to meet him. Purab asks her to ready saying he will take her to his home. Nandini asks Tai if she is bringing her sautan. Tai ji says no. Sagar gets the letter and he keeps it on edge, photographer cleans his camera with that paper. Thapki takes the paper amd gives it to Veena devi. Tripathi prays Maata rani to handle everything. Sudha and Preethi thinks hope Veena devi rejects her condition as Thapki cleverly wrote in letter so she can’t speak infront of them. Veena devi gets shocked seeing letter than she takes Thapki to her room. Purab comes to home with Hansika.

Dadi asks Veena what’s the matter. Veena gives her half letter and it’s shows that remaining half with photographer. Dadi reads it. Veena devi says she is your Mom so you can take care of her and I’m accepting your condition. Thapki gets happy tears. Purab asks Tai ji about his mom. Tai ji asks him to meet guests. Dadi praises choice of Veena devi amd he placed Kumkum to Thapki and Veena than she asks Veena to tie the thread to Thapki and makes her wear the chunri. Veena devi does it like Dadi said than she says you have to fulfill my incomplete dreams and I find my daughter in law along with my heir. Purab listens her words. Veena devi covers Thapki face with Duppatta.

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