Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 14th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode starts with Mirza getting Chintu’s photo in Sakeena’s mobile. Shanti asks him to show her Chintu’s photo. Mirza says he will directly bring Chintu in front of him and walks away.

Happy Singh/Mishra holds his feet and plead to save his dignity. Mirza wobbles. Happy takes Sakeena’s mobile and seeing some other man returns it and says he will go now. Mirza asks why was he apologizing him. Happy says he got his mobile by mistake, returns it, and walks away. Mirza says Mishra’s friends are also cheap like him.

Bittu meets Majnu again. Majnu gives him a chit. Bittu gets happy thinking its Nikki’s love letter for him. Majnu says its a grocery list and gives him a long list again. Bittu asks if Nikki eats so much, he will confirm himself with her. Majnu gets afraid and tries to stop him. Bittu leaves after a bit of his jokergiri. Majnu gets tensed thinking his lies will be exposed and calls Ashiq for help.

Mirza brings Chintu who is a 50+ bald and malnourished man. Shanti asks if this is Chintu, love is blind. Mirza says its deaf also. Shanti asks if Chintu was giving CA exam. He says he is since years. Shanti asks if he will marry Nikki. Chintu happily agrees. Shanti calls Nikki who says this weird character is not her Chintu and walks away. Chintu says he just has diabetes, hypertension, pneumonia, etc. Mirza says if he tries, he can pass this world itself and sends him away. Bittu watches hiding.

Mirza thinks who is real Chintu then and apologizes Shanti for bringing wrong Chintu. After sometime, Nikki recites sad shayari. Shanti asks her to forget Chintu. Nikki says she cannot as Chintu was very handsome and many girls were mad behind him. Shanti says character is most important, maybe her boyfriend is handsome and its not necessary he is a good husband, she gives example of her ill fate after marrying Mishra. Happy walks away from there fuming.

Mirza calls his friend and asks why did he send different Chintu’s photo. Friend says he took revenge for insulting him and says he gave haveli’s address to real Chintu . Mirza thanks him and asks if he is ready to sell his mobile again. Friend angrily disconnects call. Back at haveli, Nikki clashes with Happy and falls in his love.

At night, Bittu enters Nikki’s room. Nikki misunderstanding him as Happy asks him to write down what is in his heart. He writes down that he loves her, does she love him. She reads and says yes. Bittu shocked walks away holding his hand. Next morning, Shanti asks Mirza if he found real Chintu. Mirza says Chintu himself will visit them soon. Happy thinks even this time Mirza will bring some fake Chintu.

Shanti gets happy and informs Nikki that her Chinut is coming to meet her. Nikki says she loves someone else now. Happy gets happy and says he is proud of her, she must have selected a more handsome man than Chintu. Nikki says she wants to marry him. Happy denies and runs away. Shanti takes oath to get them married at any cost. Happy as Mishra calls Shanti and says they cannot get Nikki married to Happy as Happy is not a good man. Shanti says she has decided that Nikki will marry Happy and has fixed their engagement in 2 days, if not she will change her bindi. Mishra thinks Shanti herself is inviting her sautan.

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