Thapki Pyar Ki 13th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode starts with Tai ji asks Purab why he is making cupcakes again in the same month and asks if he fought with Veena. Purab says no fight this time and I wanted to sweet her mouth for getting her heir. Tai ji asks is it celebration of his friends pain. Purab says Hansika is talented so she will definitely get her chance. Tai ji says Veena feels happy seeing your change and follow her always with compramise as house peace is more important than yours and he looks on.

Purab comes out with cupcakes and calls his Mom. Dadi says your Mom prepared food and you mafe cupcakes amd it’s good see your love and she calls everyone downstairs. Sargan says it’s looking like feast. Purab congratulates Veena for getting her heir by making her have the cupcake.

Veena makes him taste the cholebature to him and he finds that she made it than he asks why she made and asks what’s the special. Veena says I searched my daughter in law along with my heir and congratulations to you Purab as you’re getting married and she asks him to have sweet but Purab angrily stops her.

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Thapki brings surprise gift to het Mom than she notices Jaya is holding her childhood doll and asks why she takes it out and you can’t emotional blackmail me as I won’t go anywhere leaving you. Jaya says it’s my dream to see you getting married as everyone used to mock me saying noone will marry my illegitimate child but you got amazing alliance so please don’t refuse this alliance and she shows her wedding dress amd says I never become bride bit I saved this chunri for you and she makes her wear it. Sudha and Preethi listens their conversation. Jaya says your acceptance will give me happiness.

Purab asks how can she take his life decisions without talking to him. Veena says you’re grown up so I searched good match for you. Purab says he can take his decisions. Veena asks him to talk with respect and that girl will make you happy so meet her once than you will know it and her voice is amazing. Purab asks her about his favourite but she fails to answer him. Purab says I likes to spend time with you but you never gave my Mom to me so don’t choose partner to me. Veena says I can’t return to old days and it’s my mistake but this girl will fulfill your life as she is good and understands your pain. Purab says she will be your daughter in law not my wife and she will be another Veena devi so I won’t accept this alliance.

Thapki says I will agree to this alliance for you. Jaya feels happy. Mamaji feels good hearing it. Mamaji says you make me happy so dont go back from this decision and he goes to attend call. Preethi asks his Mom to do something. Sudha comes to Thapki and asks what happened to your previous words that you will do anything for your Mom as you’re scared thinking what will happen to your Mom post marriage. Thapki says I will take care of my Mom post marriage too. Sudha asks if she takes her Mom to her Sasural. Thapki says Mom, I will agree to this marriage if they accepts my condition. Tripathi says what’s the condition as Veena devi invited us to their home for Navratri pooja. Thapki says I will talk with Veena devi about my condition.

Veena devi makes worker decorates the home according to her choice and than she asks Tai ji if she invites everyone. Tai ji says she missed few than she asks her to invite everyone. Tai ji and Nandini thinks what’s the reason behind Veenas happiness. Thapki comes to Veena devi home with her family. Veena devi welcomes them. Thapki enters the home and she slips because of carpet and coins fell down from her bag. Dadi says truly she is Lakshmi. Veena smiles. Tai ji thinks why she invited them even after Purab refusal. Thapki takes blessings of Veena and her family. Veena shows their house to them and she asks Thapki if she liked the house. Thapki nods. Veena asks her husband Vinod ti meet their future daughter in law and her family. Vinod asks why suddenly. Veena says it’s surprise and today I’m going to announce their marriage news infront of media. Thapki thinks she have to tell her condition.

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