Barrister Babu 13th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode starts with Batuk removing Bonditta from the picture and telling he hates her. Flashback shows Anirudh telling Batuk it is necessary for him to go abroad. Batuk tells he doesn’t want to leave his family and starts crying. Anirudh convinces Batuk and asks him did Bonditta cry? Even she went abroad to study. Aniruddh tells Batuk they won’t send any letters to him nor meet him during these years. Batuk tells you are sending me away because of the fight between Tulsipur and Krishnanagar. Anirudh tells yes because he wants Batuk to study hard and not be affected by this fight.

Batuk’s friend tell him to forget the past and enjoy the party. Batuk dances with the girls and enjoys the party. Everyone is having food at the Roy Chaudhary house. Anirudh asks when will his men catch Chandrachur? Trilochan tells Anirudh not to take his name the taste of food got spoiled,he smells sweet and tells his daughter in law is bringing shira for him. Anirudh tells Bonditta will bring kheer for me. Bonditta brings both Shira for Trilochan and Kheer for Anirudh and everyone is glad. Sampurna tells Bonditta made both her father-in-law and husband happy.

A man comes with his widow daughter and tells he read a lot about Barrister in newspaper so he has come with a lot of expectations so will they take his case. Trilochan tells Anirudh is always fighting for the rights of widow so he will take the case. Anirudh says but a lady Barrister should take the case of a lady so Bonditta will be their lawyer. Bonditta asks them about the case. Girl’s father tells he wants his widowed daughter to be remarried but she is pregnant and her husband wants the kid so they keep torturing her. Bonditta tells she will fight the case and Kumud will get to keep her baby because a mother has the most right over her kid and no one can separate them not even the father.

Bonditta goes to court but is stopped by some men and they threaten her to leave the case. Bonditta tell them to leave her way or she will get them punished,she tells them she will get Kumud her rights by winning this case. Trilochan calls Batuk and tells him how Bonditta is getting popular as a lawyer and eventually this will lead to fight between Anirudh and Bonditta. Trilochan tells Batuk does he have any solution to the problem? Batuk tells he will teach sanskar to Bonditta and for that he will return back to India.

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One lady throws ink on Bonditta’s face and puts a garland of shoes around her neck. They tell Bonditta not to try to change the rules of society. Bonditta decides to fight the case and Anirudh supports her. The episode ends with Batuk telling Bonditta should remember she is a Barrister but first she is Anirudh’s wife.

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