Chikoo Ki Mummy Durr Kei 13th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode starts with Nupur and Chikoo reaches kitchen to search the photo food trolley. Kamini sees them and hides the photo thinking she won’t let them know it. Nupur asks Vinod if he saw any photo. Vinod says no than they searches trolley but coudn’t find anything. Kamini sends Vinod than leaves telling Nupur that Chikoo is lying. Chikoo tells her she is not lying. Nupur says I know it so let’s search it after having food. Chikoo says I’m hungry but don’t want to have it. Nupur asks her to try the warm food.

Kamini shows Photo to Subhodh and tells him that Chikoo is Payal and glad I get this photo otherwise our game may ended. Subodh says they can’t get this photo. Kamini says true and they gets United and everything will go from us so plan something big before everyone finds about Payal truth.

Nupur assures to Chikoo that she will get photo. Chikoo says wish you get your daughter and I get my photo. Nupur says we will get them as we are together in this search and they feeds food to eachother.

Subodh tells to his Mom that Milind is facing so much stress because of his problems and it may affect our business so please divide our properties. Savitri asks why he os talking in this way? Amd I don’t want to divide properties. Hoshiyar says make me managing director of company otherwise divide properties and I must get big partition as I have family and Milind is alone so think and decide. Savitri looks on.

Next day Nupur makes Chikoo get ready and asks her to come for breakfast. Chikoo tells her she don’t want to have breakfast with everyone and tells her about her allergy because of peanuts and asks her to make poha. Nupur says Milind too have same allergy and and I will prepare your favourite breakfast. Savitri thinks I can’t see this family gets broken so give me strength to reveal my decision to kids.

Milind comes downstairs and noticed Nupur is removing peanuts than he thanks her and says its not needed. Nupur says it’s for Chikoo as she too had same allergy. Milind says ok and eats tiffin. Nupur says why you’re having it when Poha is made for you and sorry for the last night and I have 20 days to make Chikoo life better. Milind says I don’t know you love me or not, I don’t matter to you that’s why you signed the divorce papers. Nupur says you’re the one who bring the divorce topic so stop blaming him as I signed in pressure and you have to feel my love as it’s tough to tell in words and I love you till my last breath. Milind says wish I trust this words from you but I won’t and he about to leave than Savitri stops everyone saying she want to talk with them.

Chikoo feels hungry and she goes downstairs. Savitri says you all know that I’m managing the business post your Dad’s attack and now I want to get retire and so Milind will tave care of everything post my retirement and I’m announcing him as my heir. Kamini and her husband gets shocked.

Precap –:

Nupur waits for Milind and gets shocked seeing he came to home in drunken state and she tries to support him when he about to fell down but he denies. Chikoo tells proposal to Milind.

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