Chikoo Ki Mummy Durr Kei 12th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode starts with Savitri and Milind questions how she entered to room. Chikoo says she entered through ladder. Kamini and her husband asks what she stealed. Nupur sats she didn’t stealed anything, please trust me. Milind says it’s our mistake to allow her to stay in house and don’t know about it but she stealed my peace and happiness so keep her away from me otherwise don’t know what I can do and you’re responsible for it. Chikoo cries. Milind leaves. Savitri and his brother asks Milind to stay calm but he leaves telling them to leave him alone. Kamini and her husband feels happy.

Chikoo in tears tells to Nupur that she didn’t came to steal anything. Nupur says I know it and she apologizes to Chikoo for the way her family is treating her. Chikoo hugs her. Kamini asks her kids to make their granny Mood better. Chikoo says I went to check what’s in the room and I get this photo frame, is it your child Payal? Nupur in tears says she is life and everything and she is the beautiful kid and whenever she used to hug me , I used to forgot my problems. Chikoo asks where is she. Nupur says I lost her 7 years back and someone kidnapped her in birthday party because of my mistake. Chikoo wipes her tears saying it’s not your mistake and it’s mistake of child kidnappers and they are bad.

Nupur says my everything is Payal and it’s been 7years I lost her. Chikoo cries seeing her tears. Nupur wipes her tears and Apologizes to her for making emotional. Chikoo Apologizes to her for increasing her problems with her behaviour. Nupur hugs her. Nivaan and Aarav asks their granny to not cry. Savitri agrees by kissing their forehead. Chikoo says my mom left me in Dustbin and Im searching my real mom to question her why she left me. Nupur says I will pray to Bappa to make you meet with your Mom. Chikoo says you will get your Payal too. Nupur says I wont let Payal leave me once I get her. Chikoo says I fight with my mom once I find her. Nupur says it may be your misunderstanding and you’re lovely kid and once you get your Mom she will tell you how much lovely kid you’re. Chikoo says Rangoli Mummy told me that she get me at Dustbin. Nupur says Rangoli is not loving you like real Mom. Chikoo says no, she loves me and we have big family and we used to enjoy so much and let’s stay here I will get my photo with Rangoli than you will know how much we like eachother.

Chikoo takes her photo from bag and comes out from her room excitedly but she dashes with food trolley and pic falls down. Kamini scolds her than Chikoo says she just came to show her photo to Nupur aunty and sorry for the mistake. Kamini says you did to spoil my kids food and she sends Vinod to warm the food than she warns Chikoo to leave. Chikoo in tears goes to tell Nupur that Rangoli and her pic is lost and Kamini Aunty didn’t let me take the photo and she cries saying she needs that photo. Nupur says I will help you find it and asks her to tell what happened. Chikoo tells her everything. Kamini comes to kitchen and scolds Vinod to warm food immediately and she sees the pic and gets shocked than She thinks it means Chikoo is Nupur’s Payal.

Precap – Milind says don’t know you love me or not. Nupur sats it’s the only way I find to settle Chikoo life that doesn’t mean I don’t love you. Chikoo thinks she won’t let Nupur go far from her family because of her.

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