Thapki Pyar Ki 12th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode starts with Sudha thinks our work is done and Veena devi will reject Thapki in the first sight. Tai ji finds Veena car and she spies to Thapki’s place. Veena asks if she is Thapki. Tai thinks she did good work. Veena cleans Thapki’s face with her kerchief and she says that she knows how to find flower in the mud. Jaya and her brother feels happy. Veena devi says you have magic in voice so it’s pleasant to see your beauty and finally I find you after long search Thapki and I thought to meet you on that day itself but coudnt get chance.

Veena gets her bangle and says I gave that money for your Mom’s Operation and this Bangle is Shagun for my student and my Daughter in law so don’t leave it and she places the bangle in her hand and asks if she won’t take her blessings. Jaya signs her to take the blessings. Thapki takes her blessings. Tai ji thinks to make Thapki as her daughter in law by making her second son Armaan married to Thapki. Thapki coudnt talk because of her stammering. Veena says she is happy that’s why couldn’t able to talk and it’s happened to me during my first performance and she is about to make her wear the bangle but she couldn’t and leaves from that place once she is gets the call from Cm office. Thapki about to tell her something but Veena leaves. Tai ji thanks her son Sagar for stopping Veena.

Sagar wife asks him to tell where his Mom went to get kiss from her but he escapes from her without telling her anything. His wife thinks he is mamas boy. Mamaji and Anshul says its magic as our Thapki is becoming daughter in law of Thapki and you’re going to be part of Veena recording and you will be star so don’t forget to appoint as your manager. Anshul asks what about his Mom amd sister. Mamaji says they will clap for her. Thapki says she is not happy with the alliance. Veena tells to Dadi that Thapki is happy and coudnt even talk in her hapiness. Dadi says we can’t delay it if we like the girl so let’s inform to Purab. Veena says she will tell him in his way.

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Thapki says she can’t go anywhere leaving her Mom. Anshul says thry will take care of Bua. Jaya shuts him by saying you don’t about the love of Mom and Daughter and she asks Thapki to stand in her decision. Tripathi asks who will refuse this kind of alliance. Sudha says she wants to become singer not Bahu. Tripathi says no need to stop your life Thapki as I will take care of Jaya. Sudha says you can’t even take care of your family and until now they had so much and never gave us anything. Thapki gives her 500 and tells her that she got the job and will give her 500 every day as my contribution. Sudha feels happy and says I told in that way at hospital to pump you and give me 500 every day. Thapki agrees. Sudha eyes the bangle but Anshul takes it.

Veena gives holiday to chefs and she prepares food. Dadi says you never entered to kitchen after your marriage so don’t take risk. Veena says I was busy that’s why couldn’t entered to kitchen but today I will prepare delicious food to Purab and tell this good news to him and he won’t deny it. Preethi tells to her Mom that they will become relatives of Veena devi if Thapki agrees for this alliance. Sudha says Thapki may rule this city so it’s good that she refused.

Purab watch fell down as his bag gets teared and he asks Thapki to sell him cover but she denies to sell him than he calls to her company manager seeing the number on her bag than Her Manager calls her and tells to sell bags to Purab if she wants the commission. Dadi gets emotional seeing Veena and she sends her to see the arrangements. Tai ji thinks her Son will marry the girl choosed by Veena. Thapki gives bags to Purab and he takes one and throws other bags in dustbin. Thapki says you wasted 900 rupees. Purab says he saved 25lakhs. Thapki says you’re dumbo as you can keep it in your pocket. Purab says you have to thank me but here you’re showing me attitude and learn to tell yes than you will get money, praises and recognition. Thapki says self respect and respect is important in life and you won’t know about them.

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