Thapki Pyar Ki 11th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode starts with Thapki prepares food while reminscing Purab insulting words to her and she burns her hand than she draws the drawing of Purab and questions what you think of yourself and I will definitely answer your questions in the next time we meet. Purab asks Veena where is she going. Veena says she eil tel him later. Purab asks from where this Bangle story came. Veena says story is same asi found the person who can take my position. Media asks Veena about the person name. Veena leaves saying try will know in the correct time. Purab turns and notices the Hansika who leaves in tears.

Tai ji plans to follow Veena to make the girl as her daughter in law but het Daughter in law stops her and Tai asks her come after wearing matching foot wear and she leaves from that place before she coming back and she missed the Veena car. Mama ji on call asks Thapki why she didn’t attended voice hunt. Thapki says she will tell him later and she notices people are peeping to her Mom ward and she opens the door and notices Sudha questioning her son about bangle than Thapki tells her it’s not yours so you dont have right and I returned to Veena devi as it’s belongs to her. Sudha ask if she have right to stay in her place. Doctor warns them to stay silent. Sudha warns to enter their home with rent. Doctor tells to Thapki that everything is fine so you can leave home in the evening. Anshul Apologies to Thapki for his Mom behaviour and she sees the advertisement in paper and plans to get the job.

Veena devi gets to know Thapki wrote wrong address in her form. Thapki goes to interview and she makes manager agree with her performance and he asks him to sell bags to get the job and informs her that she will get 500 per day. Mamaji tells to Pandit that they wrote his address in Thapki form and asks him to send if he gets any letters. Pandit agrees and Veena sees Pandit coming to the place Thapki wrote in the form and she thinks he may take her to Thapki.

Thapki coudnt sell bags because of her stammering problem. Purab tells to his friend that he likes the girl who respects time and I want to listen to her to pass the time. Thapki gets insulted at her Dad’s house and her Dad buys the bags from her and he makes his worker apologies to Thapki than She leaves from that place. Arjun calls Thapki and asks her to come soon as good news is waiting.

Sudha and Preethi thinks to send Jaya and Thapki from their house and they gets shocked seeing Veena devi in their house. Mamaji asks if she is not joking right.Veena Devi tells them she wants to make Thapki as her bahu. Sudha and her Daughter gets shocked and Preethi asks her Mom to stop this marriage by revealing Thapki’s stammering problem. Mamaji says hope you won’t see her weakness like others. Veena says I heard her song and her weakness is nothing infront of her talent and if you agree than we can fix this alliance. Mamaji says they don’t have any problem. Veena asks them to call Thapki. Mamaji asks Anshul to call Thapki and he calls her saying surprise is waiting for her. Thapki says she too have a surprise and mud fell on her place because of Tai ji car. Veena tells them she is eager ti see Thapki amd Mama ji says Thapki came. Thapki comes home with mud on her face. Veena Devi looks at her in dismay. Thapki feels shocked seeing her. Sudha feels happy.

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