Bhagya Lakshmi 11th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode starts with Lakshmi tells to Ayush that Bau ji gave them 15m time. Ayush says glad you make him agree. Lakshmi says our attempts will go futile if Shanaya suspect us than Shanaya and Rohan comes to them and says they wants to check thr paper. Rohan about to check the papers but Lakshmi closes the file saying deal is cancelled as you’re doubting us so leave from here and fight with Rishi for years. Virendra prays Bappa to help his kids. Rohan and Shanaya says we won’t check anything and they asks her permission to check money. Neelam calls Virendra and asks if he stopped Lakshmi. Virendra cuts the call saying he will come in 15m.

Karishma says it’s good if we go to hotel and suggests Neelam to do a press conference that whatever Lakshmi has done foolishness, they have nothing to do with that. Neelam agrees and asks her to call media to hotel. Lakshmi asks him to check the money after showing them proof against Rishi. Rohan says they will agree once they check the money and they goes to suitcase. Virender comes out and asks Ayush and Lakshmi, what is happening, you are dealing with them to ruin my business, they will sell you.

Shanaya and Rohan looks on. Lakshmi sends Virendra from the room. Shanaya tells to Rohan that these people are looking genuine so accept the deal. Lakshmi thanks Virendra for supporting them in their plan and sends him saying they will manage the remaining plan. Lakshmi enters to room and asks if they are accepting the offer or not. Rohan says they are taking the offer but their is no proof as Rishi didn’t molested her.

Lakshmi records everything and she says it’s matter of Shanaya respect than why will she lie. Shanaya says Rishi didn’t even touched me and I’m the one who told him that I will make him happy but he got angry and throwed me from his office that’s why I filed fake molestation charges on him for my revenge. Lakshmi asks what of he prove his innocence. Shanaya says he can’t as his room Cctv is not working and I got to know about it that’s why I’m playing this game and Rishi is innocent but noone will believe him.

Lakshmi sends that video to Inspector than Rohan checks the papers and questions how can they cheat them. Lakshmi calls inspector and Virendra inside. Shanaya asks who’s she than Lakshmi removes her wig. Shanaya gets shocked and tries to tell fake story to inspector. Lakshmi slaps Malishka for calling Rishi as molester.

Karishma and Neelam arrives to hotel and Karishma tells to inspector that Lakshmi is responsible for her actions as we are not part of it. Inspector says Lakshmi proved that her husband is innocent by proving that Shanaya is accusing him wrongly so Lakshmi deserves the appreciation. Karishma gets shocked. Shanaya says she didn’t filed fake case. Inspector says Lakshmi send us your video as she asked our permission for an hour so we are waiting in other room seeing her trust on her husband and he thanks Lakshmi for helping them than they arrests Shanaya and Rohan.

BhagyaLakshmi 9th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Virendra says let’s go and bring your husband back to home. Lakshmi smiles. Malishka tells Media that Rishi has nothing to do with Lakshmi’s actions, and tells that she is from a village and that’s why don’t take her actions wrongly, like you have taken last time. Media tries to question her but she won’t answer them than media notices Police bringing Shanaya and Rohan by arresting them and they asks inspector about it. Inspector says Lakshmi proved her husband innocence and I will tell you everything in press conference. Media questions Malishka what’s she feeling as Lakshmi saved him.

Malishka says it’s because of Rishi as he never disrespect any woman that’s why I supports him and media notices Lakshmi and surrounds her asking questions. Lakshmi says she wants to meet her husband. Neelam says stop it as she wants to meet her husband and my son is innocent so air it for whole day and show the news as news, don’t judge it. Media telecast Lakshmi saved her Husband with her trust. Karishma takes Malishka aside and asks her to don’t praise Lakshmi by giving credit.

Conestable opens the Rishi cell saying he is proved as innocent and he happily hugs his Mom and Asks how Shanaya is arrested. Neelam says you’re proved as innocent. Rishi smiles seeing everyone. Lakshmi runs to him. Rishi says your dream become true as I proved as innocent. Lakshmi hugs him happily. Malishka gets angry. Lakshmi leaves him realising they are at station. Media asks inspector for statement. Inspector tells them how Lakshmi saved her husband by proving Shanaya allegations are wrong against her husband taking our permission. Rishi smiles seeing Lakshmi. Inspector asks Lakshmi to give him autograph as my daughter becomes your fan and wish every father have a daughter like you.

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