Thapki Pyaar Ki 22nd December 2021 Written Update:

Episode begins with Mukul showing Jaya’s memento to Thapki and says I had gifted this to Jaya quite a while back, and lets him know that he is prepared to acknowledge any discipline given by Jaya and her. He says if it’s not too much trouble, save Hansika. He says on the off chance that you come clean to Purab then she will slit her wrist.

He says I have done a wrongdoing, however shouldn’t get such a discipline, that I don’t get my one girl’s adoration and other girl leave me. He overlap his hands and cries, requesting that Thapki save Hansika’s life. Hansika and Anjali take a gander at them. Purab gets some information about Hansika. Anjali stows away. Purab requests that Hansika accompany him and takes her from that point. Declaration is made that Hansika is coming in front of an audience to sing.

Thapki and Mukul hear the declaration. Hansika is situated on the stage and becomes stressed. She thinks Thapki soften down seeing your dad’s tears atleast, else tomatoes will be pelted on me. Mukul demands Thapki to help Hansika and don’t allow her to get offended infront of people in general. The crowd asks when the exhibition will begin. Priyanka asks what befallen her voice today. Sapna says God realizes what’s going on. Thapki asks Mukul, do you need me to become double-crossing like you. She goes.

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Hansika becomes stressed and thinks to leave before the crowd become furious. Purab takes a gander at her, and thinks why she isn’t singing. She is going to get up, all of a sudden Thapki remains back stage and sings. Hansika does lip sync. Veena Devi comes there and hears Hansika singing. Everybody applauds Hansika. Priyanka and Sapna are shocked to see her singing great. Purab comes to the stage and says congratulations, you have turned into a star. Hansika says I will thank you for satisfying my fantasy. She is going to embrace him.

He simply keeps hand on her shoulder as she embraces him. Thapki becomes disturbed and goes. Mukul comes behind her. Mukul says I realize whatever you have done is hard for you, however I was defenseless, expresses gratitude toward her for saving Hansika. Thapki asks would you like to say anything? Mukul says when I came to be aware of you, rather than embracing you, I requested your voice, favor. He is sorry. She says when you had gone, you took my mom’s voice and when you returned, you reclaimed your little girl’s voice.

She says I may fail to remember you for whatever I bear, yet can’t pardon you for my mom’s distresses. She inquires as to for what reason did you return to us, says I wanted Papa, when I used to see others’ Papa, I used to get numerous considerations, however I didn’t realize that the response will hurt me to such an extent. She says you never attempted to look through my mom. Mukul says I was childish, needs to become something and bring in cash. He says because of the conditions,

he needed to wed Anjali and afterward Hansika was conceived. He says I was unable to do the wrongdoing of leaving Hansika and Anjali. Thapki inquires as to whether it was anything but a wrongdoing for you, to leave my mom. She says assuming you love my mom really, then, at that point, you wouldn’t have left my mom and never hitched another person. She says even Mata Rani won’t excuse you and requests that he go. Mukul leaves. Thapki cries.

Purab thanks the crowd and says today I am exceptionally glad that all of you have acknowledged Hansika with open hearts, yet I am annoyed with all of you, as today you have offended my mom. He says I had imparted to you toward the beginning of the show, that you will see my mom’s hardwork. He says all of you became furious and tossed bottles on the stage, and says I realize all of you are harmed, my mom has acknowledged her past and continued on. He inquires as to whether you haven’t done anything in your life,

which you would rather not do. He takes Veena to the stage and says she is similar ladies, whose bhajans/melodies you have heard and requested mannat. He says assuming there was no dedication in her voice, then, at that point, her voice should not have contacted all of you. Hansika says whatever I took in is from Veena Devi ji, she is my Guru and requests that the crowd acknowledge her.

The crowd apologize to Veena. Purab requests that they pattern sorry via web-based media and says whoever has attempted to destroy my mother’s picture, will find this solution, and you will offer this response and get back my mother’s status back to her. He asks would you be able to do this for my mother. The crowd says OK. Thapki thinks because of you Purab, Maa ji got everything back. She thinks assuming that I will call Maa or not.

Dadi acclaims Purab for taking care of the matter. Vinod additionally commends him. Sargam says we will say thanks to Hansika for taking care of the occasion. Hansika says all of you are my family and asks her not to say thanks to her, and says I am glad to sing Veena Devi ji’s melody today. Veena says I was unable to distinguish your ability and says there was abnormal feelings in your voice, which contacted the hearts, and says Maa saraswati is in your voice. Hansika contacts her hands and says we will begin once more. She thinks Veena comes in her step, once sidelining Thapki, Veena records and Purab will be mine. Priyanka tells Sapna that Hansika is exceptionally shrewd than her.

Ashok comes to Jaya and asks did you see the occasion. They switch on the TV and sees Veena’s meeting to the media. Purab comes and takes Veena from that point. In other channel, they see Hansika singing mohe rang do lal. Ashok says this voice is of Thapki. Jaya says OK. Ashok says for what reason did this occur?

Jaya sits in shock. Hansika comes to Thapki and embraces her, saying thanks to her. Thapki dismisses her and says whatever I did is for Maa ji. Hansika says whatever I did is to save Veena’s regard. Thapki expresses what might be said about Sargam, and requests that she assume the liability for whatever off-base she has done. Hansika says I have fouled up, however did you think why I have done this. She says Veena aunt gets disturbed with me and my voice, I had a lot of outrage and I utilized you to vent out my displeasure. Thapki says we will neglect and continue on. She requests that she tell truth to everybody. Hansika says alright, you are correct.

Precap :Purab takes a gander at Thapki and sees the lights falling on Thapki. He runs towards Thapki and saves her. He inquires as to whether she is fine. Hansika thinks Purab actually focuses on Thapki and thinks to do something significant to isolate them.

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