Molkki 22nd December 2021 Written Update:

Virender keeps searching for Bawri all over the place. She covers her mouth as she cries. Virender is directly before her yet she stays silent. He leaves discouraged. Purvi asks Kanha ji for what reason He did this to her. For what reason did you give me everything when you needed to grab this bliss from me?

For what reason did you isolate Mukhi ji from me? She cries. Anjali calls Purvi all of a sudden and asks her where she is. Purvi says I can’t tell you however I wont return to haveli at any point in the future. Anjali asks her where she will go then, at that point. Purvi says I don’t have the foggiest idea yet I can’t tell you. I can’t return to my home as Baba will carry me to Mukhi ji again because of his insatiability. Disregard living with Mukhi ji once more, I would even prefer not to see his face! I don’t have a clue what I will do and how however I realize I am equipped for bringing in sufficient cash to pay my Mol to Mukhi ji.

You need to do one blessing to me. deal with Manas and Juhi for me. I will meet them in the event that Kanha ji needs. Guarantee me you won’t ever enlighten anything regarding me to anybody! Anjali attempts to persuade her yet Purvi advises her to guarantee her or she won’t ever get back to her. Anjali concurs. Simply deal with yourself.

Virender considers Purvi he heads home. Sakshi gets glad when she sees Virender. You took such a long time to return home! The mahurat of puja will be over soon. We need to light diya together. Come. She holds his hand yet he discards the puja thaal. For what reason did you return my life? Did you come to destroy my family?

You came to grab my Bawri and children from me, isn’t that so? Nothing would have occurred assuming you hadn’t return. That Bawri saved your life following 5 years; dealt with your better half and your home in your nonattendance yet you wound up completing her! You are something like a snake! You completed everything. Sakshi says she did all that. I’m simply attempting to acquire everything back. Is it off-base to make my significant other mine once more? He cautions her to hush up. I’m not your significant other! What you did to me in my intoxicated state is a wrongdoing! You might have gotten my body however my spirit has a place with Bawri.

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I will adore her till my final gasp! You have no bearing in my heart or in my home. Escape this haveli and my life for a really long time or I will discard you out right! She denies. Kindly don’t do this. I can’t live without you. You realize it well. I will do everything to keep you glad. Purvi has left as of now and wont return. I realize you actually love me. you are basically overlooking her.

Virender holds her hand. Renu advises him to relinquish Sakshi Bhabhi yet he pushes her out. Renu asks him for what reason he is tossing her out of the house. Virender advises Sakshi to leave immediately. You have no connection with me, my children and this house! Renu instructs him not to do as such. Virender advises the worker to ensure Sakshi is never seen here again or he will be terminated. He pushes her out of the entryway. Rneu looks on in shock.

Anjali is recounting story to Manas and Juhi. Manas grumbles that she isn’t recounting to them the story pleasantly. Our haathi is an incredible narrator. Where could she be? We haven’t seen her since morning. Anjali lies that she has gone to bring toys for them yet Renu tells her not to deceive them. She lets the children know that Purvi has gone out.

Both of you ought to figure out how to live without her! Manas requests that they leave. Juhi gestures. We wont hear anything against our haathi. Renu leaves. Anjali goes tragically. Juhi tells Manas there should be a motivation behind why haathi left them. They choose to observe her as they can’t live without her. Juhi and Manas get Kanha ji’s object of worship from Purvi’s room and take off from the house covertly.

A woman shows her home to Purvi. Nobody gives the house on lease to a main lady however I am prepared. I will take 5k as lease. Purvi concurs.

Manas asks Juhi where they will find haathi. Juhi says I don’t have a solution to that however haathi says that Kanha ji can tell us everything. Manas concurs. We will track down our response in the event that we will ask with a good nature. They remain in the street as they petition Kanha ji. A van is moving toward them.

A similar proprietor saves them in the nick of time. Could it be said that you were remaining there to be killed? Juhi denies. We were petitioning Kanha ji to assist us with discovering haathi. The woman inquires as to whether they own an elephant. Manas says she has raised us. Juhi inquires as to whether she knows Choti Mukhiyayini. The woman perceives who they are alluding to.

The proprietor carries Manas and Juhi to her home to meet Purvi. She embraces them. They ask her for what good reason she left them. We missed you so much and couldn’t rest without you. They give Kanha ji’s godlike object to Purvi. Purvi keeps Kanha ji’s godlike object on table and requests that they plunk down.

Virender checks wherever nobody has an idea about Juhi and Manas. He questions the watchman. Is it true that you were plastered and dozing the previous evening? I will kill you assuming that anything happens to them. Monitor apologizes to Virender yet he shushes him. Anjali tells Virender they have checked wherever however the children are no place to be seen.

Renu recommends that they ought to illuminate police now. Anjali asks her for what good reason she needed to come clean to kids. You know the amount they love Purvi. renu asks her till when might they have tricked the children. They would have discovered sometime! Anjali says we might have told them in a little while. Renu answers that she thinks she is off-base without fail. Virender advises them to hush up. You are battling in the present circumstance! He reports to Inspector that he can’t track down his children Don’t have a clue where they would be and in what condition.

Manas and Juhi stroll around Purvi. Your first slip-up is that you left us without illuminating us. Furthermore, Anjali Chachi was recounting to us the story in the most exhausting manner. Indeed, even the Princess kicked the bucket in that story. Who recounts such stories? Purvi expresses what’s my error here assuming Chachi can’t recount stories appropriately. Manas says it is.

Keep your finger all the rage. I dint even go to loo since the previous evening. Purvi proposes going now yet he demands giving discipline first. Juhi requests that she make custard. Purvi concurs. Manas requests that she come pronto. I can’t handle any longer. She concurs when they see a frozen yogurt truck. They get invigorated however at that point they see Inspector asking the merchant about the children. They stow away inside.

Virender is checking out the collection. Everybody has left me! I’m isolated. Perhaps I am bound to be distant from everyone else! I dint get mother’s or alternately spouse’s adoration. Don’t have the foggiest idea where my children should be. They let me be. My Bawri doesn’t confide in me. she left me as well. I should leave them too as everybody has left me! He tosses all the photographs in the receptacle and lights a match. I don’t need anybody all things considered. Let me be!

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