Nima Denzongpa 22nd December 2021 Written Update:

Toward the start of the episode, Suresh lets Sunita know that she just has the choice of remaining at Neema’s home. Sunita consents to go to Neema’s home however adds that her disdain for Neema won’t ever die down. Here Neema is making a bed for Sunita. Nari inquires as to whether the two of them don’t come to the house. While Neema is certain that Sunita will consent to remain with them for Suresh.

Tulika is hanging tight for Varun. She likewise calls him yet he doesn’t get her telephone so she becomes irate. She feels that she should herself proceed to bring Varun home. While Sunita is going to fall while going into Neema’s home yet Neema embraces her. Tulika sees that Neema has embraced somebody. She can’t see Sunita’s face and ponders who has come around evening time to meet Neema.

All of a sudden Varun’s call comes. Tulika reproves him for calling her at some unacceptable time. While Sunita strolls inside Neema’s home and Tulika gets baffled as she can’t understand who has come to Neema’s home. Sunita lets Neema know that she ought not live under the misguided judgment that she has pardoned her. Simultaneously, she lets Suresh know that he should track down another home for her quickly. Suresh gestures.

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Here Tulika attempts to mollify Varun. In any case, he stays furious with her as Suresh and Sunita have left him on account of her. While Tulika says that Suresh will return home soon in light of the fact that now Suresh doesn’t have cash. Varun reminds her how she had shown Neema out of the house yet, she dealt with herself and her girls while Suresh likewise has some work so he can without much of a stretch purchase another house.

Here Dinesh lets Dadi know how Mithali’s folks are vexed subsequent to hearing that Paras didn’t go to the wedding capacity. All of a sudden Rani Chachi’s call comes to Dinesh and he gets apprehensive seeing this. Here Sunita demands Neema that she won’t rest on the ground however the bed. She says alright. In the mean time, Paras composes a letter to Manya, wherein it is composed that he can’t proceed with their relationship now.

He calls Neema and requests that she give this letter to Hemal. She prepares for it. Further, Sunita begins staring at the TV around evening time. Suresh advises her to change off the TV because of which Sunita gets irritated. Then, at that point, she imagines that oil had spilt on the steps because of which she fell. Neema gives her medication. The following morning Tulika is asked by certain neighbors whether Suresh has left her and gone to Neema. Tulika gets stunned hearing this.

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