Rishton Ka Manjha 22nd December 2021 Written Update:

The episode begins with Monica asking Diya where is Arjun. Where did he go unexpectedly. Monica faults Diya saying she is lying, she evaporated Arjun. Monica says sweepers are not permitted in inn in the evening. Chandan says he just advised the past sweeper to clean the inn twice. Diya says thanks to God as Arjun left the spot on schedule. She ponders however how he did he figure out how to leave the spot so quick. Superintendent quiets Monica down saying she caused situation at late evening.

Arjun feels alleviated in the mysterious room. He says Chandan returned on right time and God helped him. Diya additionally wound down the light on right time else they would have found him in the act. Arjun reviews how he left the spot later the lights went off. Biplab called Chandan in his place with the goal that he can deal with the matter. Arjun says Monica is truly cunning, she won’t keep even headed later this. Diya’s profession will be demolished on the off chance that he gets found out.

Monica converses with Karan over telephone, she argues him to allow her another opportunity. Karan says she bombed again and she is giving reasons once more. He reproves her and advises her to leave the grounds. Monica says she has no other vocation choice with the exception of this. Karan says Diya perked up as of now he can’t face challenge. She can track down a proof against Monica Karan advises her to zero in on the match to make Diya lose. Karan says now he will effectively stop Diya.

Diya converses with Arjun and requests that he leave the grounds quickly as its exceptionally hazardous later what Monica did. Chandan is likewise back. Arjun says they need to face challenge to know their ability. He can’t leave at this moment. Diya says he is significant for her more than anything. She says why he would rather not know what she needs. She says she won’t play assuming he will not leave. Arjun tells her he won’t commit any error from now as he has a full confirmation plan. He says Kush sent her covert operative camera and transmeter. She can utilize them to uncover Monica and Karan. He advises her to conceal the covert agent camera in a blossom container.

Diya then, at that point, stows away the transmeter in her shoe. Diya becomes strained for Arjun and Monica irately goes into the room. Diya conceals her telephone. Monica undermines her maxim something is off-putting without a doubt which she will find soon and uncover Diya. Diya attempts to cause Monica to understand that Karan is simply utilizing her for his own rationale. Monica ought not retaliate for her like this. Monica sasses her and leaves. Diya thinks Arjun isn’t paying attention to her by any stretch of the imagination, how might she save him from Karan. In the event that Karan observes him he will again attempt to destroy Arjun’s picture. Arjun will be broken like last time.

Tina keeps eyes on somebody in her PC and says Karan is concealing like a defeatist however she is prepared with her arrangement as of now. Niharika goes into her room and says its extremely amazing that Arjun is in camp. Niharika asks why Tina isn’t annoyed by this information. She sees Arjun’s message in Kush’s telephone. She goes to peruse the message and attempts to open the telephone by taking Kush’s unique mark however fizzles.

Kush awakens and she behaves like resting. Kush peruses Arjun’s message that he needs to bring more stuffs for him tomorrow. Niharika thinks Arjun and Kush are arranging something without a doubt. She will discover and will illuminate Tina so Karan can toss Diya out of the camp.

Diya can’t rest and she becomes stressed for Arjun. She says she can’t allow Arjun to destroy his life once more. Karan can make his life damnation so she needs to track down an answer Following day Diya neglects to focus on the match. She misses the shots. Mentor declares that the competition is following two days, they ought to be ready. Diya calls Madhuri and requests that she meet him. Madhuri gets astounded and thinks why Diya needs to meet her out of nowhere.

Precap – Diya lets Madhuri know that she will lose the match to get Arjun far from badminton. Diya tells her not to tell about this to anybody. Madhuri guarantees her idiom she will likewise help her in saving Arjun.

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