Yeh Hai Chahatein 22nd December 2021 Written Update:

Episode starts with Goons pursues Rudraksh. He runs from that point with Ruhi and stows away from thugs. He asks her that what they ought to do now. She requests that he think since her brain is clear at this point. They wears mickey mouse dress and they escapes from that point. He applauds himself for concocting this thought.

She lets him know that by remaining with her he became splendid. They arrives at home and goes into store room. She chastens him for leaving the store room when she previously cautioned him to not commit any error. She lets him know that her mom rebuffs her at whatever point she commits errors so she will rebuff him now. She requests that he become ‘murga’ however he declines so she lets him know that she won’t converse with him.

He reviews that how Preesha additionally used to say same thing to him. She asks him that is he fine with it assuming she won’t converse with him. He tells her that he disapproves of it and he becomes ‘murga’ in the wake of battling so a lot . She requests that he guarantee that he will listen her consistently. He vows to her. She understands that Preesha should be looking through her in the ‘mela’ and runs from that point.

In the mela, thugs illuminates head regarding the town that Rudraksh got away. Ruhi enters the ‘mela’ and ponders that how she will deal with Preesha now. Thugs sees Ruhi and tells top of the town that they saw Ruhi with Rudraksh. Top of the town picks Ruhi and gets some information about Rudraksh. She lets him know that she know nothing about Rudraksh. He pulls her cheeks.

Preesha comes there and picks Ruhi. She asks him that how is he doing her little girl. He tells her that he was simply chatting with Ruhi. She asks Ruhi that did anybody grieved her. Ruhi shook her head. Preesha takes her from that point. Hooligans asks Head of the town that for what reason he sat idle. He lets them know that he will wind up in a difficult situation assuming he did anything now then, at that point. He discovers that Preesha didn’t pay most recent three months lease.

In the night thugs goes into Preesha house and gets some information about house lease. She requests that they come tomorrow. They tells her that they won’t leave without taking cash. Meena comes there with weapon and shouts at thugs for disturbing Preesha as of now when she treats patients free. She calls her children. Hooligans leaves from that point. Meena lets Preesha know that top of the town won’t keep quiet and requests that she orchestrate cash. Preesha tells her that she will organize it with her old gems. Meena tells her that Ruhi needs father and thugs went into the house right now in light of the fact that the last option resides alone. Ruhi catches their discussion.

Following day, Ruhi gives breakfast to Rudraksh. He asks her that for what valid reason she appears to be disturbed. She chooses to put ad to track down best spouse for Preesha subsequent to hearing Rudraksh’s recommendation She misleads Preesha that she isn’t feeling good to play hooky.

Precap – Goons tosses Preesha out of the house. Rudraksh emerges from the store room in the wake of hearing commotion.

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