Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 27th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

The episode begins with Jogi confession infront of police that Mahi attempted muder. He tells that he is the eye witness and he had seen the blooded knife in Mahi’s hand. Mahi stops him and tells him whether he knows what he is saying. He says that he know that nobody will say anything against her but today he will speak the truth. He tells that he what she has done to Avneet in her anger and ego. Avneet gets up and pretends to save Mahi, she says that Mahi didn’t do anything. Jogi tells to Mahi look what she has done to her but still Avneet is saving her. Mahi comes to Jogi and says that he cannot see the reality as Avneet had put her lie band on him.

Jogi tells her that she in her anger tries to kill Avneet. He tells that he will tell the truth what had happened, he tells to Mahi that he knew that Avneet didn’t do anything to her mother and sister but still as Mahi wants he asked the police to do investigation. Mahi tells Jogi that he doesn’t believe her at all, Jogi says that she had broken all his trust. He says that he trusts what he have seen, what she did to Avneet he belives on that. Mahi shouts and tells him that she poked knife herself in her stomach so that Jogi will trust her and not Mahi, Jogi takes her words lightly and says that he doesn’t believe her words as he can see anger in her for Avneet.

Mahi tells him that she was foolish taht she tries to make him believe her. Jogi says that every time if something happened she out blame on Avneet, but her crime never proved. She tells to Jogi that he had broken all her promise and he is not the same Jogi whom she loved. Jogi says that she is also not the same Mahi who cares for everone and she can’t even think of killing anyone, she is also changed. Jogi says that whatever Avneet did for him is more than what a friend can do. She made him star, Avneet says that they are friends. Jogi tells to Avneet that their relationship is more than a friend, as nobody can do such things for a friend. Avneet is happy to hear these words from Jogi’s mouth.

Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 26th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Jogi says that he is in debt of Avneet and when the time will come he will always support her. He says to Mahi that he had broken all the promise and now one big promise he had done with Mahi to spend his life with her, he is breaking that promise too. He then holds her hand and breaks all the bangles in her hand. Mahi is shocked, everyone is shocked. Jogi tells her to remove the Mangalsutr and throw it as it holds no importance. Mahi stops Jogi and tells him that she still loves him and her Mangalsutr is the symbol of their love. She tells that if he doesn’t believe her then it’s useless to stay with him. She ask police to arrest her. She says it’s better she will spend her whole life in jail. Avneet says that she wants to take her case back, Jogi says that Mahi deserve what she has done. Arjun and Chanda discuss that Avneet is a master mind she has seperated Jogi and Avneet.

Biji ask Jogi to stop Mahi, erverone ask Jogi to save Mahi going to jail. But he didn’t do anything, Mahi turned and looks at Jogi and goes with police. Jogi remembers the time when he bought Mahi to his house. Jogi closes the door on Mahi’s face. Avneet rejoice he win when police arrest Mahi and arrest her, she thinks that she have won Jogi and from today Jogi belongs to her.

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