Bigg Boss 15 26th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Today’s episode starts with Day 25 at 8 AM; inmates wake up. 9AM; Karan, Jay and Umar make fun of Afsana for not keeping a fast for Sanjh. Afsana says BB didn’t send picture of him thus she didn’t kept the fast. Jay and others laugh.

Afterwards, Karan and Tejasswi talk about future. Karan says he wants to be a father but don’t want to get married soon. Tejasswi and Karan share a talk with each other. Prakash says to Karan that he is using her for sanity. Karan agree.

11:15 AM: Ishaan join Karan and Tejasswi. Tejasswi asks Karan what type of girl he wants. Karan says he is clueless but Pratik keep matching his likes with his ex. 

11:30 AM; Jay talk with Nishant, Simba and Isaan. He says he has asked Afsana to keep a fast and everyone will support her. Simba, Nishant and Ishaan laughs. They say Afsana is enjoyable.

Rajiv asks Meisha and Ishaan that how they keep fighting each day. He asks they don’t get tired. Ishaan asks Rajiv what change he has seen in him. Rajiv says he don’t know this Ishaan.

There, Vishal says to Jay, Nishant and Simba that Rajiv is bitching about everyone by bringing outside talk. Jay says not for everyone. Vishal says can’t they put Rajiv back in the pumpkin.

Later, Rajiv asks Ishaan not to talk with him in the rude tone. Verbal argument happen between Ishaan and Rajiv. Rajiv breaks his relationship with Ishaan.

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Rajiv gets offended and says Ishaan is always with Meisha and don’t mix with others. Vishal says to Simba if Rajiv wouldn’t have been Shamita’s brother than he would have confront him for bitching about everyone.

There, Karan talk with Rajiv. Rajiv says he is meeting Ishaan after so long but he was busy with Meisha thus, he is not liking Ishaan.

2:15 PM; Ishaan talk with Rajiv. He says he don’t want to ruin their bond. Rajiv says their bond is already messed. Ishaan asks Rajiv to cool. Verbal argument happen between Rajiv and Ishaan again.

3PM; Ishaan talk with Rajiv. He says everyone is joking with Meisha that Rajiv is his co-wife. Ishaan says he can’t take anything on his character. Rajiv says everyone is joking.

Karan read about captaincy task. Team A [Tejasswi, Pratik, Nishant, Meisha, Rajiv and Simba] Team B[ Ishaan, Jay, Vishal, Afsana, Akasa and Umar]. Both the teams have to compete with each other. Shamita and Karan becomes the sanchalak. Inmates have to fit themselves in Love Captain prop. Other team members will have to make sure to replace contender.

Afsana, Vishal and Umar, Ishaan and Jay take their place in the Love captain. Tean A members torcher Afsana so that she gets up. Nishant tries but Afsana gets adamant

4:15PMl  Team A applies strategy to remove Team B members out from the prop.

Meisha wax Ishaan, Umar so that they leave the place. Pratik strategize against Jay. Nishant, Pratik and Tejasswi decide to trouble Afsana. Shamita disqualifies Simba. Tejasswi take a stand for Simba.

5 PM: Team A plan against Afsana. Tejasswi tries to deal with Afsana. Afsana says she will become captain.

6PM; Meisha tries to trouble Ishaan. Ishaan asks Meisha not to touch him right down. He asks don’t try tricks on him which she has done for Umar. Meisha leave.

There, Simba pour powder on Afsana. Nishant, Tejasswi and Simba asks Afsana to get up.

6:15PM; Nishant talks with Vishal. There, Meisha talk Pratik and asks him to alert Akasa. She says if Akasa will interrupt in her relationship than she will do the same.

7:30 PM; Team A struggle to get Afsana out from the game. Afsana bear the torcher by Team A. Tejasswi coughs post she comes in contact with powder. Karan, Nishant, Pratik worry for Tejasswi. Tejasswi asks for medical.

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