Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 12th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode starts with Rupa and Biji discussing about what had happened today. Biji tells that she is worried for Jogi, Rupa tells her that our Jogi never touches alcohol but whatever Mahi did due to her only he consumed it. Biji gets angry and warns her to stop blaming Mahi, Jogi is not a child. Biji blames Avneet as she is coming between Mahi and Jogi, Rupa tells her that due to Avneet Jogi is completing his dream all this is possible just because of her how she convinced the director after whatever Mahi did. Biji says Mahi did nothing wrong any girl would have done the same with that director. Biji worries about Mahi and Jogi as she says that she can see their relationship is distancing.

Mahi prepares her room for Jogi. She thinks that whatever misunderstanding they have will go away as they love each other so much. Jogi comes and tells her that he is already tired and not in the mood to fight. Mahi says that she was waiting for him not for fighting. Jogi tells that yes ofcourse you are wife and you are always right. So he cannot ask her to leave the room, so he only left the room. Mahi is disheartened, she thinks that they was little distance between them but it have become too big now which Mahi cannot fix.

Rupa sees Jogi sleeping on the couch. She complains to Biji about her favourite Mahi. Biji shows Rupa that how Mahi is preparing for Navratri. Biji comes to Mahi, she saysvthat it’s her first Navratri after her wedding. Biji ask Jogi to freshen up and come for Pooja. Mahi is very excited for her first Navratri. She tells them that last Navratri she met Jogi for the first time. Mahi tells them how she will prepare Mata Rani for the pooja, Biji is very impressed with her. Rupa tells her that she will not do the pooja as Avneet got them back their house so it’s her duty to do Pooja. Biji tells Rupa that it’s Mahi’s right to do the pooja as she is their Bahu and the laxmi of their house. She also tells her she cannot angery the laxmi at their house and bring Mata Rani to their house. Biji tells Jogi to say something. Jogi says that if either he supports his mother then wife will get angry or he supports his wife then mother will get angry. He tells Biji to decide as she is the eldest. Biji says fine Avneet can do the Pooja but if she will do then Biji will leav ethe house.

Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 11th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Avneet tells Rupa that Mahi is the Bahu so let her do the pooja and she is only a guest in this house, Biji says that she is happy as Avneet knows her place in this house. Mahi and Jogi then completes the pooja together. Mahi prays to Mata Rani to clear the misunderstanding between her and Jogi while Avneet prays to get her love back. Meanwhile Arjun drumming with Chanda comes to their house and brings a big frame for him. Jogi ask him what’s this, Arjun ask him to open it and see. When Jogi opens it, he sees his photo with Avneet. Mahi doesn’t feels good she cries. Arjun says that it’s the momento of their super hit album. Avneet is very happy to see her photo with Jogi. Jogi aslo says that it’s nice, Arjun ask him where to put this frame. Avneet tells him shall we put this in Jogi’s bedroom, Jogi turns and looks at Mahi.

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