Apna Time Bhi Aayega 12th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode begins with Kajri asks Kiara to close the door. So Kiara closes it and asks her to leave Vikram because they need to admit him in the hosptial. Kajri asks her to not say anything. Kiara tells her that she even lied to Rani for her and pleads her to leave Vikram. Kajri threatens to kill Vikram and she will die too. Kiara understands that Kajri loves Vikram and decides to use her mind.

She reminds her that Vikram helped her so much in the past then how can the latter do this with him. Kajri tells her that she decided to snatch her love and the latter is making her angry with these nonsense talks. She says to her that she knows that what she is doing so the latter need not to teach her anything. She asks her that why the latter returned in Vikram’s life.

Meanwhile Veer tells his family that everything is fine. Rani makes Jai sit beside Nanthini and asks him to talk to his wife. She questions Jai and Nanthini about each other’s likes and dislikes. Nanthini answers correctly but Jai’s answers are wrong but Nanthini lies to save him. Rani tells them that they loves each other so much that’s why they have good understanding like this.

Kiara drags Vikram as per Kajri’s order and then she calls Rani. Rani asks her that where are they and everyone waiting for them. Kiara lies to her that she and Vikram left the palace for shopping and they are out of city now so they will return within 2 days. She asks her to manage the family members. Rani gets shocks hearing her and asks her to spend time with Vikram and she will handle it everything and disconnects the call. Kiara drags Vikram again to a room and ties him in the chair. Then Kajri ties Kiara. Kiara tells her that she will leave from Vikram’s life and asks her to not hurt him. Kajri tells her that she can’t take any risk by leaving the latter.

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 11th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Rani dances with Mausaji and Pinku on ‘kamariya’ song. Rajmata praises Mausaji’s dance. Rani tells them that it’s just a beginning and they are going to enjoy so much. Rajeshwari apologizes for her wrongdoings. Rani asks her to forget the past. Rajmata tells her that everyone changes with time and now everyone is happy together and that’s what matters.

Rajeshwari tells Rani that she is lucky to get her as daughter in law. Rani informs them that Vikram and Kiara left for trip to spend time together. Everyone goes to get some rest. Champa decides to kill Nanthini and gives milk to her. She recalls that how she mixed poison in the milk.

Next day, Rajavat’s starts preparations for Mehndi ceremony. Vikram regains his consciousness and shocks seeing his and Kiara’s condition. Kajri comes there and tells him that she brought his breakfast. He yells at her.

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