Tere Bina Jiya Jaaye Na 16th August 2022 Written Update:

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Devraj requesting that Vamika leave the royal residence. He attacks her and orders Jaya to move her to another castle. Though, Vamika cries and frowns at Krisha for destroying her arrangement. Jaya acts angry before everybody and reproaches Vamika. She hauls the last option towards the entryway and pronounce her to disappear from their sight. However, in all actuality she gets profound seeing her girl’s state and apologizes to her that she will not have the option to save her right now.

She guarantees Vamika that she will get her payback from Krisha and will before long take her back to the royal residence. She demand the last option to leave from that point by then of time. The two of them takes a gander at Krisha with scornful eyes and afterward Vamika disappears from that point.

Virendra murmurs to Jaya and ridicules what is going on. While, Naina states that Krisha is out in front of them. Ugra gets alleviated believing that they got saved, while Gajvardhan get some information about her choice of aiding Jaya. He expresses that Krisha has more power in her grasp and they ought to change their help towards her. Jaya sees Vamika’s photograph and gets close to home. She decides to show a thing or two to Krisha.

While, Krisha and Devraj sits confronting each other. They ponder starting a discussion yet remains quiet. Krisha begins conversing with him, while he shows his appreciation towards her for aiding him. That’s what she arranges in the event that she won’t help him then who will make it happen? The two of them grins and examine about their battle.

Krisha announces that she have full confidence on Devraj however expresses that he doesn’t have that quite a bit of trust on her. He explains his expectation to her and tells that he adores both Jaya and Krisha similarly and can’t in the middle between them.

He attempts to cause her to comprehend about his viewpoint and states that he needs to partake in this period of life as a parent with her. Devraj tells that he can’t bear anything off-base about Jaya, while Krisha gets into thinking. She then, at that point, visits Jaya and proposes an arrangement for each other. She tells her that Devraj truly cherishes her and will not have the option to bear her selling out.

She guarantees that she won’t educate him anything regarding Jaya’s trick or relationship with Vamika, however request that she guarantee consequently that she won’t attempt to hurt Devraj any longer.

Ahead, Krisha advises Devraj that she needs to begin a fresh start with him. She get some information about their contentions and guarantees that she attempted to end her errors with Jaya. Around then the last option comes there and tells Devraj that Krisha is correct. She expresses that the errors happened due to Vamika and presently all is in the middle among Krisha and her. Devraj gets blissful and reunites with Krisha.

While, the last option goes inside Jaya’s room and advises that in the event that she attempts to double-cross then she won’t extra her. Krisha states that she will continuously remain as a safeguard for Devraj, while Jaya reminds Krisha about her commitment that she will not uncover about Vamika to Devraj. The last option guarantees that the mystery will stay safe. She additionally gives the castle keys to Jaya.

Further, Rati and Virendra hears Ugra, Naina and Raghav’s discussion. Their discussions sick about Krisha, while Virentgets angry and pours water on Raghav. In the interim, Virendra and Rati cautions Krisha about Jaya, while the last option says that she needs to bury the hatchet with Jaya. She tells about her explanation, while Virendra shows his help towards her. She then, at that point, tells an arrangement to Virendra and request that he make it happen.

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