Nima Denzongpa 16th August 2022 Written Update:

Nima Denzongpa 16th August 2022 Written Update on

Manav conversing with Security. Nima and Sujatha coming inverse to them. Nima prevents Security from uncovering reality to Manav. Sujatha thinks who is that woman? She gets shock to track down Nima there. She asks her why is she here? Security asks her how is it that she could deal with lady like thar? Nima tells him she knew her well.

Nima tells her she is working here. Sujatha requests her to say what number of individuals’ are here? Nima specifies Virat’s relatives name to her. Manav says that he is natural to this multitude of names. Sujatha questions may ther are his family members and questions Nima may conceded him in medical clinic. She believes that she wore sari so she isn’t that woman.

Sujatha requests that he leave. Nima gives change to them. Sujatha requests Rishi to drive the auto quietly specialist encouraged them to don’t give pressure to Manav. Manav sees Nima there and says they could give lift to her.

Sujatha denies it. Manav contends with her it’s late night how might she go alone? They could contemplate her security. He calls Nima there. Sujatha tells her we are remaining in same region so as she will give lift to her. She requests Manav to get down from auto. Sujatha sits among Manav and Nima.

Nima and Manav are looking each other which despised by Sujatha. She lays on his shoulder. At the point when unexpected breaks comes Manav places hand to safeguard Nima. Sujatha misconstrues he is doing it for her. Nima reminds how did Virat used to safeguard her and gets profound. Sujatha sees his hand close by Nima and eliminates it indignantly.

Later Sunita stressed for what reason didn’t Nima get back to home yet? She sees Nima there alongside Sujatha. She fears that she may got. Nima tells her that Sujatha offered lift to her. She say thanks to her and guarantees Manav that he will recover soon.

Sujatha objections that she didn’t illuminated her he was debilitated then why she know it? Might it be said that she is stay with him in clinic? Nima tells her that she saw the would in his grasp and he didn’t drive the auto so she surmise he was wiped out. She tells her he is her significant other she could trust him at any rate. Sujatha takes Manav from that point indignantly.

Virat gets a blazes of his past. He thinks who are they coming to his fantasy frequently? In the interim Nima additionally stressed for Virat and thinks she want to draw out reality. She reminds that Virat has a few injury marks despite his good faith. How could she forget about it? Later Nima hangs tight for Manav in her home.

Sunita requests her to have breakfast she will kee an eye on him. Nima sees him coming she goes out. Nima assists Manav with purchasing vegetables. He enquired her about her significant other? Nima tells him that she is looking for him however she has a sentiments he is close to by her.

She will find him out quickly. Manav guarantees her it will work out. She imagines like fall he holds her on time. She puts counterfeit bug on him and alarms him. He takes off his shirt. Nima gets shock to see the tattoo on his back. Sujatha sees them together. Sujatha asks him what’s happening here?

Vegetable dealer tells her that he took off his shirt since something fell on him. Manav asks her what’s this tatoo on his back? She deceived him that he put it out of affection. She loved it a ton. Is he fail to remember everything. Sujatha requests Nima to shut her eyes.

Later Sujatha requests her mother to apply oil on her head thinking she has migraine. She objections that Nima giving such a lot of cerebral pain to her. Will she become hopelessly enamored with her better half? Her mother says everybody isn’t like Sujatha. Sujatha attacks her and requests her to let out the Paan. She erroneously spit it on oil and applies it on her head.

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