Tere Bina Jiya Jaaye Na 15th August 2022 Written Update:

Tere Bina Jiya Jaaye Na 15th August 2022 Written Update on serialtalk.com

Vamika emerging from Devraj’s room. Ugra and Naina sees her and denounces for going through a night with Devraj. The last option overlooks them and starts leaving. Naina insults Vamika for stooping low and proclaims that she is attempting to draw near to Devraj. Vamika gets enraged and gives a befitting answer to Naina. She request that the last option avoid her matter, while Ugra stands firm for her girl and states that she is talking reality. Naina focuses at Vamika’s personality, while the last option gets angry and slaps her. She gets stunned alongside Ugra and chooses to inform everybody about Vamika’s terrible deeds. She calls all the house individuals and everybody accumulates around them.

Raghav and Gajvardhan get some information about the matter, to which Naina states that Vamika is a characterless young lady. The last option begins crying and announces that she will not hear anything against her personality. Ugra tell Raghav that Vamika slapped Naina, while he additionally gets shocked. He likewise ends up being angry at Vamika alongside Gajvardhan and states that she reserve no privileges to make it happen.

Naina advises them about Vamika going through the night with Devraj and states that she is attempting to in the middle among Krishan and Devraj. Around then Rati comes there and inquiries regarding the matter. Ugra answers her that Vamika is exploiting what is happening and is laying down with Devraj. The last option gets stunned while Jaya and Krisha likewise comes there.

Ugra says that everything is going on in presence of Jaya and she isn’t doing anything. The last option get some information about the issue, while she advise her about Vamika laying down with Devraj. The last option denies to accept it and states that she will discuss it with Devraj. Though, Jaya request that Krisha go inside her room and fakes her anxiety, however Krisha states that she won’t leave as it’s the issue of her better half.

Vamika cries and expresses that everybody is accusing her, when Devraj is likewise engaged with it. Jaya chooses to have a discussion with the last option and goes higher up. She questions him about the matter, while he acknowledges that Vamika and he dozed together, however guarantees that nothing in the middle between them. Jaya request that he explain the matter as everybody is conjecturing their own hypothesis.

Ahead, Devraj chooses to stand up to all the house individuals, while Jaya attempts to stop him however gets fruitless. He expresses that there was in the middle among Vamika and him. Though, Ugra and Naina continues to talk sick about Vamika. Jaya sneers and recalls her arrangement with them. In the interim, Vamika surges inside her room, while everybody goes to stop her.

Vamika cries and starts her theatrics. She says that everybody is pointing finger on her, while Ugra request that Devraj set alongside Vamika up to shut down every one of the tales. He denies and stays firm on his articulation. She broadcasts that how they will acknowledge his assertion with no evidences? To which Krisha says that she have full confidence on Devraj. Jaya hinders and expresses that to save Vamika’s standing, Devraj need to follow through with something.

Further, Krisha takes them inside Devraj’s room and draws out a camera. She gets glimmers of how she had stowed away it when she was dubious about Jaya. She shows the recording to everybody and Devraj gets stunned how Vamika took off his garments when he was oblivious and purposefully laid down with him. He gets angry at her and request that she leave the royal residence. He advises Jaya to move her to another castle, while Vamika gets crushed as her arrangement fizzled. Krisha sneers taking a gander at Jaya and insults her for tossing her own little girl out of the royal residence.

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