Spy Bahu Written Update 23rd September 2022:

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Episode begins with Sejal saying Veera how she could believe that Bappa being in the house something wrong could occur. Arun yells at her for killing Aarti and annihilating his loved ones. Veera tells Krish not to trust them. He says he has himself understood every one of her admissions as he had failed to remember his wallet and returned from halfway.

He tells he can’t stand her. Veera begins snickering and gets weapon from the cabinet. Yohan advises her to shoot him. Veera gets stunned to see the firearm was unfilled. Yohan shows that shots are with him. Arun advises Yohan to get her captured. Veera begins chuckling insanely and says they have no verification. Shalini eliminates pallu from her face and says she will give proclamation.

Veera is confused to see her alive while Krish joyfully embraces her. Shalini tells about how Veera har shot her yet Sejal and Yohan saved her on time. Drishti says Veera had attempted to kill her as well. Sk sir comes there with police and salutes Sejal for finishing her main goal as Paro and getting most needed psychological militant captured.

Yohan lets them know how Sejal had never lost her recollections. Veera giggles and says the game is as yet not finished. She is brought to prison. Sejal gets some information about Ahana and Unforgiving says her area can’t be followed. Yohan believes assuming that he ought to tell about the previous evening.

Arun asks absolution from Drishti for his terrible way of behaving. Krish feels regretful and is going to leave yet Sejal lets him know that he entirely misunderstands not done anything and its his family as well. Arun embraces Yohan, Drishti and Krish together. Yohan figures he ought to inform Sejal concerning what Ahana did the previous evening.

Yohan wonders whether or not to educate Sejal regarding what occurred. He says the previous evening he was with Mahira. Sejal questions him why he didn’t tell police. He can’t make sense of the entire circumstance. Police comes and says there is capture warrant for Yohan Nanda. They say he has been blamed for assault charges by Mahira.

Mahira accompanies them and behaves like casualty. Sejal tells she realizes Yohan truly do nothing like this. Yohan is confounded as he can’t remember what occurred after he had fallen oblivious. Yohan educates Sejal regarding Mahira blending something in his spirit because of which he fell oblivious.

SK sir comes tells about Mahira being a fear monger still the cop says Yohan must be captured except if demonstrated blameless. Sejal charges at Ahana yet police tells her not to compress the person in question. Sejal advises Arun to deal with everybody at home and she will go to police headquarters with SK sir.

At police headquarters Sejal questions police examiner in the event that they are familiar Ahana faking her character. He tells she has previously let them know everything. The episode closes with Sejal figuring now just clinical reports can assist with saving Yohan while Yohan is shown defenselessly sitting in the jail.

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