Mere Sai Written Update 23rd September 2022:

Mere Sai Written Update 23rd September 2022 on

Sai requests that Ramkrishna reflect taking a gander at the havan kundh fire. Ramkrishna says OK and reflects and seez Satyeshwar Maharaj and his Prem Sena and thinks my child has become such enormous master and for what reason did he change his name. Sai says might be on the grounds that he doesn’t need his past.

Ramkrishna says I need to meet him. Sai says he isn’t prepared you should give him time and soon that opportunity will come. Keval’s folks sleeping he puts cover on them and says I’m sorry I should leave both of you like this, kindly excuse me. Sai meets Keval and says don’t do this misstep.

Keval says however for what reason did I face this. Sai says you committed an error by not taking receipt but rather don’t commit another error, rather return Satyeshwar his cash. Keval asks what next then returned to where there is no cash except for not currently I need to bring in cash for my folks and I can’t remain with my folks and they will be furnished with all offices.

Sai says its your choice I am nobody to stop, simply help me out put this plant in water so it doesn’t kick the bucket. Keval says yet it will require soil as well, to develop. Sai says correspondingly your folks will require you to endure even after all the cash and clinical.

Satyeshwar invites Keval to Prem Sena. Balvant shares with Satyeshwar, I satisfied my commitment its your turn now, I want delicate quickly, I could do without deferrals and leaves.

Satyeshwar acclaims Keval’s plan and says I really want a mystery burrow underneath our Bhavan atleast 50 km away from the bhavan and on the grounds that I have part of foes doesn’t believe we should develop thus this will assist us with getting my Sena. Keval says we will require authorization for passage or it will be unlawful.

Satyeshwar says Prem Sena will have new principles and not what is material in the public arena and this ought to be secret passage or, more than likely it will not be useful. Prema strolls in and says Chief is here to see you. Keval leaves, Satyeshwar requests that Prema call chief.

Magistrate asks Satyeshwar is he helping Balvant. Satyeshwar says OK he has been exceptionally useful, Comissioner says I gave you land for Prem Sena thus delicate needs to go to my companion’s factory.

Numerous Shirdi individuals whose children or family have joined Prem Sena choose to go meet them. Chandu and Udhav attempt to stop them saying Sai has asked not to however they don’t tune in and push forward. Bhama says we will go along with you as well, so it helps you and all leave. Prem Sainik stop them saying it’s not permitted and according to pledge they aren’t your family now.

Shirdi individuals don’t tune in and attempt to rush in however one gets pushed and Sai saves him and says nobody can prevent a parent from seeing their youngster and need no ones consent. Prem Sainik attempt to stop yet unfit to move in view of Sai. That’s what ramkrishna sees and expresses out loud whatever has happened to my child, what has he become.

Sai strolls in with everybody. Satyeshwar furious. Keval’s folks stroll to him and say don’t leave us, we can’t survive without you. Ankur’s child in tears embrace him and says Baba kindly don’t leave us. Prem Sainik seperate them. Sai expresses out loud whatever sort of opportunity is this you can’t meet your loved ones.

Satyeshwar says we don’t meddle in your matter Sai, so you don’t meddle in our own and this obligation and relationship is all phony everybody is self centered here including guardians kindly leave. Sai says I’m here to acquaint you with somebody. Sai calls Ramkrishna. Ramkrishna strolls in.

Pre cap: Satyeshwar advises Prema to let Prem Sainik know that we are leaving for Nashik Ashram. St Nick Banta illuminate Kulkarni about it, Kulkarni says let me perceive how Sai will stop them now. Sai meets Satyeshwar and Prem Sainik and shares with Satyeshwar.

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