Spy Bahu Written Update 22nd September 2022:

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Episode begins with Yohan attempting to enlighten Sejal concerning what happened the previous evening however Drishti comes to call them. Yohan changes the subject and doesn’t come clean to Sejal. She inquires as to whether he is fine and that they need to watch out for Veera. Veera puts every one of the harmful camphors in the aarti diya and thinks how she shrewdly dealt with her arrangement.

Shalini sees and thinks risky mother by marriage in excessively quiet. She tells something very similar to Sejal. Sejal questions that Veera is accomplishing something in misrepresentation of supplicating. Veera lets Krish know that she is having extreme sinus and he ought to proceed to bring her medication. He says about puja however she effectively sends him. Drishti sees this and illuminates to Sejal.

Drishti says she wants to check what Veera is doing. Yet, Arun stops her in the way and asks where Yohan is. Sejal tells he is not far off. Sejal goes to Bappa’s golden calf and find Veera gone. Cleric gets some information about the accessory for icon. She says she had put it with everything. She begins looking for jewelry and erroneously drops the harmful camphor close modaks.

Sejal says she will get another neckband. She supposes on the off chance that Veera and jewelry missing are both related. Veera teaches the workers to close every one of the entryways and windows once puja begins as smoke from puja ought to remain inside. Sejal figures out its connected with her arrangement. Yohan comes ghere and out of nowhere Sejal begins crying with torment.

Arun inquires as to whether child is fine. Yohan tells on the off chance that she had her medication void stomach or not. She denies. Yohan requests that Drishti bring the medication. Arun tells puja can be deferred and Sejal ought to be taken to specialist. Veera frenzies and figures how her arrangement will function. She gives excuse of propitious timing and says child will get endowments of Bappa. Sejal consents to do puja.

Cleric requests that Veera do aarti as usual yet she says this year Sejal will make it happen. When the smoke from camphor begins spreading everybody tumble down while Veera stands to the side wearing her cover. She gets cheerful and says now no Nandas are alive and all the property and business has a place with her. Veera begins admission of every one of her wrongdoings and how Sejal was saying reality.

Veera is stunned to see Krish remaining there and he requests that she avoid him. Progressively everybody gets up as well. Veera is puzzled and thinks about how her arrangement can fizzle. Sejal tells her how prior she had seen the mice eating modak with camphor blended passing on and grasped about her arrangement.

At the point when she had acted about feeling debilitated, Yohan and Drishti had in short order supplanted all the camphor with non noxious ones and Yohan had informed Arun and visitors to do some aasan which will be merry for the kid. The episode closes with Veera being puzzled while Sejal sneers joyfully.

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