Spy Bahu Written Update 21st September 2022:

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Episode begins with Sejal alongside Drishti and Shalini attempting to find something concealed in the puja materials which Veera will use for her arrangement however they fall flat. Yohan attempts to call Sejal yet because of weighty downpour he faces network issues and drops a voice message to Sejal about arriving at the spot securely to gather Ganesha icon.

He inquires as to whether she tracked down pieces of information against Veera. Sejal requests that Shalini utilize metal locator which out of nowhere delivers some commotion. Veera who is around asks what the sound is. Sejal lies that it was her caution as its the ideal opportunity for medication.

She figures they can’t involve metal locator in Veera’s presence or, in all likelihood she will feel somewhat doubtful. Shalini hears Veera conversing with somebody to pack things well and send such that nobody can question it. She illuminates something very similar to Sejal.

Sejal converses with Cruel who illuminates her that Ahana has escaped away and, surprisingly, her transmitter was tracked down out and about. He advises Sejal to continue to find proof at home and his group will attempt to track down Ahana.

Yohan calls Sejal and he tells about his vehicle getting harmed so he will remain the night at an inn and return morning with the symbol. Sejal requests that he fare thee well. Cleric brings materials for puja and Sejal deceives him to give it to her while see is checking them, Veera comes and asks what she is finding.

Sejal tells she was simply counting the quantity of materials required. Veera figures nobody can find where she has stowed away it. Later Sejal gets a video call from Yohan who has come down with bug. He says his booking in inn got dropped and he needed to see as another. Sejal lets him know she has been feeling uncomfortable.

Somebody thumps on Yohan’s room entryway. The videocall gets separated. Sejal continues to attempt to arrive at Yohan yet can’t. Ahana comes to Yohan’s room and reviews how she paid the server to take soup blended in with medications to fall oblivious. Yohan advises her to remain away yet he falls oblivious. Ahana says she possessed hung tight a long energy during the current day. She kisses and makes scratches on Yohan’s body and draw nearer to him as he is lying oblivious.

Veera goes to storm cellar and thinks how she had stowed away the weapon for impact inside accessory. She opens the dots and takes out toxic camphor from it. She says the toxic smoke from it will kill everybody whenever it’s lit tomorrow during puja. She calls it her triumph and figures Sejal can never disentangle it. Everybody prepares for puja and are trusting that Yohan will accompany murti. He comes there and Sejal does the aarti.

While changing his kurta Yohan sees the imprints on his body and faintly recollects about Ahana. Sejal comes there and lets him know how she was feeling uncomfortable as her mangalsutra broke. The episode closes with Sejal seeing the nails blemish on his hand and questions him yet Yohan battles to replies.

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