Sasural Simar Ka 2 19th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

The episode starts with Reema telling Simar that what she thought she will show sympathy to her. She tells her that her marriage was always incomplete and she will never get the respect of an Oswal Bahu. Reema scolds her and tells that why did she informed Vivaan all the truth which she should tell to Vivaan. Simar says that she told him the truth as he was very angry and wants to know the truth but with that she also told him that Reema is a changed person now. Reema ask her not to justify herself. Reema taunts her that Simar always lived on what she has left that’s why she married Aarav when she left from there. Reema tells her that as Simar is leaving so she doesn’t want to see her sister happy so ahe wants her also to come with her that’s why she did all these things. Reema says that she curse Simar that she her love will be always incomplete. Simar ask her to stop. Simar tells her that she cannot understand love. She doesn’t understand the meaning of a relationship.

Simar tells her that she doesn’t want her to call her elder sister, Reema says thatbif you are done then leave as your time is over. Reema tells her that this is no more her sasural, it’s hers now. Simar leaves from there crying. Gajender sees her she makes some excuse that something went inside her eyes. Gajender offers his handkerchief to her and tells her that he cannot do anything to stop her tears but he can wipe it. He tells her that he have seen whatever she has done in this one month time. He praises Simar and also tells him that he is thankful to her for supporting Sandhya and standing for Aditi. He says that he is proud to have two daughters Aditi and Simar. He ask apology from Simar but Simar stops him and takes his blessings. Sandhya is watching them. Then Gajender hugs Simar, Sandhya looks at the timer.

Simar comes back to her room and cries by holding Aarav photo and thinks about Reema’s curse. Then she sees Aarav standing infront of her she thinks that she is dreaming, then Aarav comes to her and tells her he is reality and not a dream. She hugs him tightly, then he ask her to stop crying as they promised before. Simar worries about the Geetanjali Devi, as she ask Aarav to go and clear the truck matter. Then Aarav ask her not to worry and tells him as he was going, Vivaan came and tells him taht he should stay with Simar she needs him more as they have fes hours left for them. so Vivaan went instead of Aarav and tells him that he should not come infront of anyone unless the work is done, and once the work is done then Badi Ma will also not tell them anything. Chitra is watching that Vivaan is going inplace of Aarav. She hurried and calls Vivaan to stop him but his phone was out of reach. She knows that Vivaan’s life is in danger as Mohit will take revenge.

Vivaan is on his way to the toll. Mohit is sitting for Aarav to shoot him. Meanwhile Chitra comes to Geetanjali Devi and tells her that she send Aarav to the toll but instead Vivaan went there. She is shocked that and tells her why did Vivaan went. Chitra ask Badi Ma to stop Vivaan from going, Badi Ma calls Vivaan but his phone was out of reach. Geetanjali Devi ask Chitra to calm down. Simar prays for Vivaan’s long life and happiness to Mata Rani.

While Vivaan is moving towards his Mohit. He gets call from Geetanjali Devi, she ask him to return back he tells her that he is almost there still she ask him to return back and says that Aarav will complete it, then his phone disconnected. Mohit sees Oswal’s car and he started firing on it. Luckily Vivaan missed the bullet. Mohit keeps on shooting, Vivaan wonders that who is shooting on him, some how he escapes from the car into the jungle. Aarav cuts his finger, Simar helps him with the bandage. Mohit is angry as he cannot find anyone in the car, he ask his men to look in the jungle and find him.

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