Barrister Babu 19th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

The episode starts with Trilochan blessing Bonditta and telling her she is about to become a mother. Bonditta tells Anirudh now you will have to bear all my tortures. Anirudh congratulates her. Bonditta tells first we were teacher and student then we became friends and got married and now our relationship is complete now as we are going to become mother and father. Batuk leaves from there saying he will help Trilochan and send Doctor to see her. Batuk and Bonditta return home. Batuk tells I want Bonditta to enter with aalta in the house as she is entering as a mother in the house for first time.

Bonditta tells Batuk he is so shameless talking like this in front of everyone. Batuk tells he can do anything for his son and thinks soon he will send Bonditta out of the house. Batuk shouts and Bonditta comes out asking it he is ok? He gets glad watching Bonditta’s footprint getting imprinted going outside the house. Batuk thinks today just her legs are going out but once he gets Anirudh’s kid he will throw Bonditta out of the house.

Batuk gets emotional on meeting Som. Sampurna tells why are you behaving like you are meeting him after years? Anirudh tells even this last two days feel like years. Sampurna teases him that he can’t stay a moment away from Bonditta. Sampurna tells Anirudh to take special care of Bonditta from now on and take her with you. Batuk remembers telling Anirudh he doesn’t want to be a part of Bonditta’s happiness.

Bonditta tells Batuk what did you think the truth won’t come out? Bonditta tells you are doing nothing for your Bonditta. Batuk thinks Anirudh gave his life for you and still she is saying Anirudh did nothing for you. Bonditta tells why is he not calling Batuk back? Anirudh tells Batuk is not coming back because of you as he hates you. Bonditta tells he is her childhood friend and we used to have so much fun together. Anirudh tells he is sorry and he was just joking how could she believe it? Bonditta tells is this how you sorry? Anirudh holds his ears to say sorry.

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Batuk gets emotional and misses Anirudh. Batuk thinks how will he enter Anirudh’s bedroom, he knew acting like Anirudh will be difficult but he did not know it will be so difficult. Batuk tells he is stressed because of the kid and he can’t bear if anything happens to the kid. Batuk tells Bonditta now she should just rest and if she needs anything she will get it here. Bonditta tells all this is not necessary. Bonditta tells Batuk you are forgetting something. Batuk asks what? Bonditta tells you promised to do something for me when I become pregnant,do you remember now? Batuk thinks how will he remember what Anirudh promised.The episode ends with Batuk thinking what will he do now?

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