Barrister Babu 18th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

The episode starts with Doctor telling Batuk that Bonditta is pregnant. Flashback shows Batuk tells Anirudh to forget Bonditta and give him a cute nephew by marrying. Batuk tells Anirudh think how much I will love your kid. Batuk hears Anirudh’s voice on radio and gets excited that Anirudh is alive. Batuk heard Bonditta’s speech telling that a mother has the most right on her kid and she will use law to give this right to the kid. Batuk tells first Bonditta took away Anirudh and now she will take away Anirudh’s kid but he won’t let that happen.

Batuk tells he will take that child and he doesn’t care if Bonditta lives or dies but he will keep the kid. Trilochan tells doctor to save his daughter-in-law and starts looking for Anirudh. Batuk tells she took Anirudh away from him and now he will take Anirudh’s kid from Bonditta and throw her out of the house. Batuk disguises as Anirudh and tells he will tell one lie and Bonditta will get trapped and one day she will give Anirudh’s kid to him herself one day.

Bonditta wakes up crying and asks Trilochan where is Anirudh and she wants to see him once. Nurse tells to call her husband fast or she will be shocked and that is not good for her kid. Trilochan thinks Anirudh has to come for his kid and wife. Trilochan’s men tell him they couldn’t find Anirudh but some fishermen told him that they saw Anirudh drowning in the river and he may have not survived in the storm. Trilochan tells Durga maa why did she take away Anirudh from her? He tells Durga Maa to return his kid to him.

Batuk tells Trilochan not to cry and it is the time to support each other. Batuk tells he will have to act like Anirudh in front of Bonditta. Batuk tells only you know that I and Anirudh look alike. Batuk tells Trilochan that Bonditta is pregnant and that is Anirudh’s kid and his last sign. Trilochan tells this is wrong. Batuk tells Trilochan this is for Anirudh and think about him,the doctor said that Bonditta’s health is very serious and she cannot take any stress so please say yes for that kid. Batuk tells Trilochan he will say the truth to everyone once the kid is born.

Batuk and Trilochan start crying thinking about Anirudh. Bonditta wakes up and starts calling Anirudh. Nurse tries to calm her down. Anirudh comes in and Bonditta is glad to see him. Bonditta tells she was so scared and was having bad dreams. Bonditta asks Anirudh where was he and if he is fine? Batuk says he is glad to see Bonditta. Bonditta thanks Trilochan for bringing Anirudh to her. The episode ends with Bonditta telling Trilochan to bless her for a long happy married life.

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