Barrister Babu 15th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode starts with Anirudh telling Bonditta difficulties will come in her way and this is just a question she has to face it. Aniruh tells Bonditta if she really believes widows should get their right she has to answer as she is the face of this protest. Anirudh tells Bonditta he can support her speech but not her silence and starts to leave the stage. Bonditta tells she does what she supports. Bonditta tells to remove the evil practice of child marriage she herself declared her marriage invalid. Bonditta tells she wants to spend her entire life with her husband but if something happens but is interrupted by villagers.

The villagers say men will decide how women will live and how they will die. The villagers drag Kumud to river and are about to throw her in river but Bonditta stops them and tells Kumud to run and call Anirudh. The villagers say Bonditta is the cause of all this protest so let us remove her only and throw Bonditta in river. Kumud tells Anirudh to save Bonditta as she is drowning in river. Anirudh rushes to save Bonditta and jumps into river. Batuk overhead villagers talking that today the flow is very swift and Anirudh has jumped into river to save Bonditta.

Anirudh finds a raft and makes Bonditta climb it. Anirudh tries to climb the raft but realizes it can’t bear weight of two people. Anirudh tells Bonditta to let him go and continue her fight. Bonditta tells she won’t leave him. Batuk watches Bonditta and Anirudh in river. Batuk tells Anirudh is risking his life to save Bonditta again but he is not selfish and won’t let anything happen to his brother. Batuk jumps into the river.

Bonditta falls unconscious on the raft and Anirudh gets seperated from her. Batuk reaches the shore and asks some boatmen about Anirudh. They tell him today the flow is very swift and it is difficult for anyone to return,they give him Anirudh’s belongings. Batuk starts crying and tells his brother was killed and he will take revenge. Batuk says he will kill Bonditta and take revenge of his brother’s death.

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Batuk thinks even Bonditta might have drowned in the river and he goes to flood relief camp to check. Nurse tell him that Bonditta is alive and is in room number 10. Batuk goes to that room and finds Bonditta unconscious in the bed. Batuk tells since childhood Anirudh kept trying to save her but he shouldn’t have. Batuk tells Anirudh should have been alive in Bonditta’s place and she doesn’t deserve to live. Batuk picks up scissors to kill Bonditta. Doctor comes in and Batuk if he is Bonditta’s relative? Doctor tells him that Bonditta is pregnant but she is still not out of danger and they shouldn’t give her any kind of stress. The episode ends with Batuk sitting near Bonditta.

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