Balika Vadhu 2 15th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode starts with Anandi and Ratan having a conversation about how Anandi realized the importance of school when she was away and couldn’t attend it. Sejal tries to console Premji about his huge loss. He is reluctant and says he cannot move on from how his hardwork of years got destroyed in sometime. Anandi learns her lesson and thinks she is now prepared for the test. While coming back from school, Dhingli tells Anandi she was surprised to see answering her questions first in the class. Anandi says she learnt and knew most of answers so she said it.

Anandi and Dhingli go to purchase ice cream, shopkeeper asks Anandi where she had been for so many days. She says she had gone to her Premji Kaku ‘s home but now she will come to buy ice-cream daily. When she was about to pay for it, she heard a beggar asking for food. She doesn’t buy ice-cream and instead gave the money to beggar. After coming back from school both Anandi and Kalpesh quarrel to tell about their day at school to Ratan. Three of them share nice time together.

Sejal calls Ratan to inform that Premji’s business suffered huge loss due to fire in factory and big order getting cancelled. She says all this is happening as lakshmi of house Anandi has gone back. She asks Ratan to tell Khimji to call and talk to Premji so that he feels better. Kalpesh teases Anandi that Sejal has called to ask them to bring Anandi back to Raigarh. Anandi says she won’t go back. Sejal and Premji have conversation about the loss and Maadi Baa says him to be strong. She says all this might just be a beginning and something big may happen in future. Premji says he will go and bring back Anandi.

In morning, Premji says all the family members that he is going to Devgarh and will bring Anandi back surely. He says Bhanu is probably not feeling well as she didn’t wake up and tells he will go and take her blessings before leaving. He goes to meet Bhanu and tells he is going to bring Anandi back. He gets shocked seeing she is not doing any kind of movement. He tries to wake her up but she doesn’t. Premji calls doctor who informs that Bhanu is no more. Premji breaks down. Devali thinks finally Baa left.

Khimji gets call informing him about the unfortunate event. He gets shocked. He tells Ratan about Moti Baa passing away. She wonders what happened as she was ok before two days. Khimji tells he will go to bring car and then he, Anandi and Ratan should go together. They inform Anandi that they need to go to Raipur, she is unwilling to go as she has just come back from Raipur. They inform her about Bhanu passing away which leaves her shocked.

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