Sasural Simar Ka 2 18th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

The episode starts with Simar telling Aarav to stop the negativity and let’s be positive until she leaves the house. Aarav agrees with her and ask her from where to start, she says that no more crying and first we will start from packing that’s a big problem. She brings a big suitcase bag and takes few kurtas of Aarav and ask him that can she take these with her. Aarav saya the one she stiched for him, leave that one and other she can take. Then Simar opens a small bag and tells that she has kept one memory for everyone. She shows Aarav that she kept coffee mug of Badi Ma, bindi of Sandhya , pen of Gajender and shawl of Aditi. Aarav ask Simar taht can she live without him her life?

She tells him that she cannot live without him but they both have promised to keep smiling and living their life so they have to do this. Simar then shows the Badi Ma’s coin to Aarav, he ask her to come and they will wish together. Aarav and Simar wishes, Aarav ask her what she wished she tells him that whatever he had wished should come true. She ask him what he wishes, as he is going to tell Geetanjali Devi called Aarav name. Aarav and Simar goes to check, Badi Ma says that she thinks all her packing must be done. Badi Ma then tells Aarav that she has got some urgent work for him.

Reema is shocked to see the divorce paper and hugs Vivaan and tells him that all she wants is you. He tells her that he had left the allumni colomn for her she that she can fill whatever she wants. Reema tells him that this is what he thinks of her. She tells him that she is the same Reema whom he loved, he says yes you are right you are the same selfish and greedy Reema. Geetanjali Devi tells to Aarav that by tonight only he has to go and check his trucks and let them cross the border. She gives him the challan paper and ask him that Ma Durga Petha is in trouble all their their trucks are stuck so he had to do all these things before morning. Aarav and Simar looks at each other.

Geetanjali Devi tells him how much time it will take he has to be there and clear all their truck. She tells to Aarav if he gets time he can come back and have breakfast with Simar. And ask Simar to pack her bags and don’t leave anything in this house. Gajender comes and ask Badi Ma to let him go as he has experience in these dealing. Badi Ma ask him to know who is doing these things with them. Gajender leaves, Badi Ma shouts at Aarav and ask him to leave soon.

Chitra shouts at Griraj, he tells her that he can help Geetanjali Devi and family with the truck matter but nobody involved him. Chitra tells him that now it’s the time when he should stop supporting his mother and shake hands with her enemies. He says that it’s very risky and why they will trust him. Chitra provokes him and ask to do it. On the highway the police stopped Oswal’s truck on Mohit’s command. The police informs Mohit that someone is coming from Oswal family with the challan to clear the trucks. Mohit is having gun and is ready to kill the Oswal who is coming and ready to take the revenge.

Simar stops Aarav and ask him to have dinner, he tells her to break the promise so that he will fight with the world for her. Griraj comes to meet Ranaji and Guptaji and tells them if they want him to stand against his family he is ready to do it. Ranaji promises him to pay. Ranaji ask him that he have to tell them that who is going to the highway and at what time. Griraj ask them what they will do but they tells him that they will teach a lesson to Geetanjali Devi. Aarav tells Simar that he cannot live without her. He says that he will not let her go, Simar tells him taht with what relation he will ask her to stay.

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