Thapki Pyar Ki 18th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

The episode starts with Tripathi asks Thapki to take rest than Sapna says it’s time for Roka. Veena devi says she needs rest. Sapna says it’s just roka. Dadi says we can do it later and she asks Thapki to take rest. Anjali asks Veena why she is postponing time of Roka and questions if she is punishing Hansika. Dadi stops her by telling Roka will happen on time. Hansika and Purab Roka gets completed than Anjali asks them to set the good Muhurat and they tells them that they will leave. Vinod asks them to wait for Armaan and Thapki roka but Anjali signs her husband no than Mukul Apologies to them saying they have urgency and leaves saying Hansika will attend their Roka. Hansika goes to drop them. Veena says they are not perfect family and match for you. Purab looks on.

Jaya gets emotional than Thapki tells her she is fine. Sapna comes to room and asks Thapki to talk with Armaan on video call so they can know eachother. Arman talks with her and asks what happened to her neck. Thapki about to answer him but Veena cuts the call saying she needs rest according to Doctor advice. Sapna says she cares for her Bahu. Veena says she care for Thaki voice than Thapki amd Armaan roka gets completed. Sapna gifts Necklace to Thapki and Dadi gifts valuable things to Thapki’s family from their side. Sudha and Preethi feels happy. Tripathi gifts them hand made gifts to Veena devi and her family members made by Thapki. Veena devi feels happy. Sapna asks Pandit to see the Muhurta for marriage. Pandit ji asks them to get kundli. Sapna asks Veena to get Purab Kundali too as he is getting married too. Veena gets angry but she goes to her room and notices the letter of Thapki and her son Horoscope than she thinks Purab is not understanding that only lucky person can get chance to marry Thapki.

Preethi washes her hands than she notices Veena left from her room than she goes to Veena room and notices half letter of Thapki and realised that Veena didn’t know about Thapki’s problem and plans to teach lesson to her. Veena sends Hansika to bring Purab. Pandit combines Purab and Thapki horoscopes. Thapki comes to Purab than he hides his watch than she gives him angry emoji drawing saying he is like it. Purab angrily leaves. Preethi shows letter to Thapki.

Pandit says Thapki amd Purab are destined couple for 7births and I’m happy to join their Kundali. Sapna says youre wrong as you have to check Thapki kundali with Armaan amd Purab with Hansika. Pandit apologies to him. Thapki says it’s half letter. Preethi says she received half letter and she don’t know about your stammering problem. Thapki rushes saying she will talk with Veena devi. Preethi thinks Veena devi will kill Thapki once she finds the truth

Thapki goes to Veena room. Preethi informs everything to her Mom. Thapki notices shadow of Veena sitting in chair through curtain than she reveals about her stammering problem to her and she tells her that she needs her blessings and support and asks if she accepts her even after knowing her problem and bless me if you’re ok with it But she didn’t get any response than Thapki leaves from her room. Jaya tells to Thapki that she is tensed thinking how Veena will react. Thapki says she needs to know the truth. Veena devi comes downstairs and she about to place her feet on Holt threat but Thapki stops her on time by placing her hand. Veena asks what’s she doing than Thapki shows thread to her than Veena says your thinking is beautiful like your voice and she thanks Jaya for sending Thapki as their Daughter in law and she blesses Thapki than Thapki thinks Veena devi gave her nod.

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