Sasural Simar Ka 2 14th November 2022 Written Update:

Sasural Simar Ka 2 14th November 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with the unsettling of Reema and Simar in regards to the saving of Mangalsutra. Simar unexpectedly sees that she has lost it. Reema requests that Simar recollect when she has last seen it.

Simar reminds when she is embraced by Aarav, he subtly pull it off from her neck. To feel reality, both get stunned. Reema feels the admonition of Laboni. She understands that Aarav is beguiled by Laboni and she can change her life in whenever. They need to figured out how to end the appeal of the sculpture prior to improving its life.

Simar attempts to interface every one of the connections what are occurred previously. Simar rushes to the room of Aarav to stop him, however an out of nowhere the seats and the furnishings are tossed to stop her. At the point when Simar hurries through the steps, her dress gets the fire. At last, after the work of Vivaan, Reyansh and Reema, they douses the fire from her dupatta.

While Simar tries to take the passage to her own room, Chitra and Sandhya stop her. The two of them need to put an end with the unfairness to their own little girl. Gajendra and Giriraj shout at them, out of nowhere Sandhya gets a jerk to Giriraj. Sandhya and Chitra, looking terrible and awful, protect the entryway.

Regardless of calling of Simar, Aarav doesn’t express a word accordingly. She is characterized as sham by them, as Simar attempted to trade the sculpture with the first one. Laboni, being the genuine cherished of Aarav, captivated him to keep the first one rather than the misleading.

So the Oswal family conceded wrongly that they have finished the memorial service of the sculpture. Simar, feeling crushed, keeps on calling Aarav outside from the entryway, however Aarav doesn’t reaction. Vivaan and others male take the goal to powerfully enter in the entryway, however Chitra and Sandhya stop the.

Simar, keeps on let the commitments know which they took in their marriage, makes an honest effort to stop Aarav to finish the sculpture, yet Aarav goes to put the mangalsutra and sindur to the sculpture. Simar continues telling every one of the vows with the subtleties, cries from an external perspective of the entryway.

Out of nowhere, Aarav looks at Simar for once, yet again he is enchanted by the sculpture. Simar hurries to Sandhya and Chitra to demand let her entrance however Sandhya and Chitra yell at her, saying they will join together.

Reema and Simar both are twisted by them. Then others make an honest effort to drag them to the side, Simar sees a lock in the entryway. Regardless of the deriding of Chitra, Simar hammers on the key, yet she comes up short, unfortunately. Frantically attempting to passage, she energetically implores God to take care of her.

In the midst of every one of these, Badima appears to with the arrangement, she has carried Guruji with her. Badima requests that Simar keep her understanding, taking the pike of matarani, she tosses towards Simar to get it. Holding the spear, Simar gets her power full-fledgedly.

Badima, requesting that Giriraj and Gajendra leave Chitra and Sandhya, calls them to remain behind her. At long last, Badima tosses some variety dust towards Chitra and Sandhya. Simar likewise is additionally shaded by the favored residue and surges in the room of her. She demands him to stop, yet he hears the voice of Laboni calling him.

Simar proceeds to advise their affection relationship to remind him, however Aarav’s head switches off and he gets back his sense, gets some information about what has been going on with’s him. Simar again puts on the mangalsutra in her neck, however when they attempt to get out from the room, the malevolent power oppose them. In the interim, Chitra and Sandhya are headed together for heightening of the nagative power.

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