Udaariyaan 14th November 2022 Written Update:

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Episode begins with Advait and Nehmat watching Naaz and Nikhil rehearsing dance steps. Nehmat expresses gratitude toward Advait for aiding her. Nehmat inquires as to whether he enlightened Mallika regarding being with her in Shimla. Advait says that certainly not and asks Nehmat not to tell this to Ekam too.

Mallika shows up and sees Nehmat and Advait talking. She reviews Naaz’s words. Nehmat and Advait notice Mallika. Nehmat goes to Mallika and cheerfully embraces her. Naaz additionally embraces Mallika for the good of name. The couples prepare to rehearse dance ventures for the Sangeet function. Ekam reminds Nehmat that she ought to give him five kisses as her discipline.

Ekam takes Nehmat outside on the affection of meeting Rama. Advait shares with Mallika that he doesn’t have the foggiest idea how to move and lacks opportunity and energy to rehearse it. He requests that the choreographer show Mallika the dance steps. Mallika requests that Advait dance, since the wedding happens just once in a blue moon. Naaz imagines that she wishes that Mallika won’t ever get hitched.

Ekam sentiments with Nehmat. Nehmat stops him, saying that somebody could see them. Ekam says that Nehmat is his God. He requests that she kiss him as they will get hitched. Nehmat says that they’re not even locked in.

Ekam says that they will get connected right away. He glances around and gets an unfilled plastic jug. He isolates the container’s cap’s ring separated. He kisses Nehmat’s finger and makes her wear it. He likewise embeds his finger inside that ring. He says that they’re locked in at this point. He draws nearer to Nehmat’s lips to kiss her. Be that as it may, Nehmat pushes him somewhat, feeling timid. She runs from that point grinning.

Mallika-Advait, Naaz-Nikhil are rehearsing dance. Advait says that he can’t make it happen. He comes up with a rationalization and leaves from that point. Nikhil attempts to stop him, yet all the same to no end. After Nikhil goes aside, Naaz taunts Mallika about Advait not having any desire to move. Nehmat returns and is stunned to see Mallika and Naaz contending. An incensed Mallika pours water all over. Nehmat prevents Mallika and Naaz from battling and approaches them. Advait bua sees this and grins.

Nehmat takes Mallika and Naaz to a room and chastens them for battling and advises them that they will become sisters by marriage. Mallika and Naaz fault one another and battle once more. Nehmat is struggling with halting them. They push Nehmat down and keep on battling.

Nehmat gets up and yells, requesting that they stop. She attacks them for battling this way. She says that she adores the two of them, yet she won’t uphold anybody. That’s what she says assuming Rama had seen them, their wedding would have been dropped. She gives them 10 mins to fix their dresses and accommodate with one another, else she will go to advise Ekam and Jayveer to drop the wedding. Nehmat leaves the room by locking it.

Nehmat sees Ekam. Nehmat will not enlighten Ekam regarding this and gives him strain. Ekam sees Nehmat and requests that she give him his excess kisses. Nehmat concocts a rationalization and leaves from that point. Advait bua tells Rama that Naaz and Mallika don’t appear to coexist with one another. Rama says that in no way like that. She says that they have been companions since their young life, so it’s generally expected there will be a few little battles between them.

Rama invites Renuka and Jayveer and acquaints them with Bua. Shamsher shows up there and meets Jayveer and Renuka. The Virks likewise show up there. In the room, Naaz asks Mallika not to incite her in the event that she believes her wedding with Advait should happen easily.

Outside the room, Ekam asks Nehmat for what reason she appears to be stressed these days and asks what the matter is. Nehmat doesn’t say anything. She says that she simply believes everything should happen without a hitch. Ekam asks her not to take strain about it and ponders just her. Ekam shows his and Nehmat’s appearance on the window glass and calls Nehmat as prospective Mrs Randawa. He kisses her.

Nehmat grins. Inside the room, Mallika contends with Naaz. She says that Nehmat came into her life and she will end up being her sister by marriage. Naaz says that her man is more inspired by Nehmat. She says to let see whether Nehmat will turn into her sister by marriage or misfortune. Mallika slaps Naaz.

Naaz sees Nehmat grinning, remaining external the room. There, Nehmat shares with Ekam that she needs to discuss something critical to Naaz and Mallika. She leaves. Nehmat comes to Mallika and Naaz and inquires as to whether they accommodate. Naaz tells Nehmat to ask Mallika. Mallika lies that they have accommodated.

Naaz misjudges that Nehmat intentionally overlooks Mallika slapping her in spite of seeing this. Naaz likewise lies that they have accommodated. She embraces Nehmat. She imagines that Nehmat needs to pay for Mallika’s slap. She considers show a thing or two to Nehmat for being inclined toward Mallika. Bua shows up there. Naaz acquaints Bua and Nehmat-Mallika with one another.

While everybody is moving, Shelly and Naaz discuss Nehmat planning for Advait’s commitment subsequent to imparting a space to Advait for an evening. Naaz irately takes a gander at Nehmat and Ekam cheerfully moving. She considers isolating them by uncovering Nehmat and Advait going through a night together.

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