Sasural Simar Ka 2 13th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode starts with Oswal’s doing pooja in the temple infront of Panditji to take the Mangal kalash. Geetanjali Devi ask Aarav to put red soil and Vivaan to put black soil in the pot. She then ask Aarav to put the seeds and pour some water on it. Then she ask Vivaan to put the holy lamp in the pit. Then she prays to God for her family.

Simar tries to expalin Sandhya and ask her to stay. Sandhya tells her that she is just a routine no body will remember her after few days they stop missing her and will change their routine. She tells that we ladies are born not to put right on anything. She says that they don’t have a name plate outside their house.

Before marriage it’s their father surname and after marriage it’s her husband’s surname. She says that she is concern that after leaving the house what surname she will have, Simar ask then to stay and not to leave the house. Sandhya tells her she cannot as Sandhya can even apologies to Badi Ma but the mother in her cannot ask apology. Simar saya if she is not wrong then she should not apologies.

Aarav again tells Badi taht he wants to talk. Badi Ma without listening to him. Gajender tells him why 8s he disturbing Badi Ma. He saya because you are not doing anything that’s why. Gajender tells him taht whatever Sandhya had done his family have to pay fro it personally as well as professionally. He tells him that they have lost trust in the market and their daughters wedding had been cancelled. Aarav tells him taht momhas done this because of strong reason. Gajender tells Aarav that how he is supporting his mother the same way he is also supporting his mother and not his wife.

Aditi comes and ask Sandhya help her packi6ger bag. Reema and Simar is decorating the temple for pooja. Simar ask her not to put agarbatti before the kalash. Reema decides to trap Simar and show her wrong. She aks Simar to put ghee in diyas, when she is pouring ghee in diyas , Reema throws ghee infront of the door. Meanwhile Simar slips on the ghee at the door.

Reema too slips and tells to Simar waht she has done. Ahead Aarav and Vivaan coming with others and brings holy kalash. Simar thought that if they slip here then that won’t be good. She then puts a carpet at the gate and puts flower Patel’s on it. She says that how can they not welcome god with flower patels as they shower their blessings on them.

Geetanjali Devi gets angry as she saw Sandhya and Aditi with their bags packed. Panditji starts the pooja, he ask the eldest son and Bahu to sit in the pooja. Geetanjali Devi says that her grandson and his wife will sit for the pooja. She ask Vivaan and Rea to sit for it, Vivaan comes and tells to Badi Ma that he prayed for his family well being that Aarav will sut forbthe pooja. Geetanjali Devi is very happy as Vivaan prayed for the family, she says to Aarav and Simar to sit for the pooja. Chitra is unhappy, Vivaan tells to Rea that he doesn’t consider her his wife then how could he sit with her infront of the holy fire.

Chitra is unhappy, she calls Vivaan stupid and says for the first time Badi Ma kept Vivaan before Aarav but he missed that opportunity too. Gajender ask Sandhya why she is doing all this, she doesn’t have to leave her family and go. Sandhya tells him it’s not about apology it’s about her self respect. She doesn’t want her daughter to wllearn the wrong things and be like her. Pooja is over now, Aarav and Simar pours water in the holy kalash. Reema is angry on Simar. Vivaan tells to Aditi taht Sandhya will not go anywhere.

Shobha ask Divya and Vivek to do the pooja. Roma pray for Lalit to return home. Indu prays for the prosperity of her home. Sandhya and Aditi are leaving home. Geetanjali Devi stops her and ask her to do a calculation, she realises her that this much she had lost just dilue to her one slap. She ask Sandhya now who will pay for it.

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