Molkki 13th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode begins with Arjun and Purvi reaches Virendra bodyguard’s house but the door is locked. He tells her that like he said bodyguard escaped already. They asks neighbors about bodyguard. Purvi goes to one lady and asks her about bodyguard by showing his house. That lady tells her that she saw him leaving the house with luggage few minutes back.

Arjun asks her that did anyone came to meet bodyguard. She tells him that Prakashi came to meet bodyguard. Purvi tells Arjun that she never thought Prakashi will stoop this low to ruin Virendra’s life. He tells her that Prakashi met Virendra in jail and she tried to instigate Virendra against the latter. She tells him that she won’t leave Prakashi.

Prakashi tells Sakshi that Arjun and Purvi tried a lot but could not do anything and they have just 2 days. Sakshi tells her that they can win the case. Purvi comes there and tells her that Prakashi don’t want Virendra to get out of jail. She asks Prakashi to accept that the latter bribed bodyguard to give statement against Virendra and the latter even tried to instigate Virendra against her. Prakashi accepts that she met Virendra but she didn’t met bodyguard.

Sakshi tells Prakashi that the latter will stay in palace’s jail until Virendra gets out of jail. Prakashi tells her that the latter doing wrong and she did nothing. Sakshi drags her and locks her. Prakashi tells her that she didn’t met bodyguard. Sakshi ignores her and leaves from there. Prakashi thinks that what’s happening with her and she is getting punished for the thing she never did. She wonders that who trapped her.

Kids asks Sakshi and Purvi to sing a lullaby. Sakshi and Purvi sings a lullaby until Kids sleeps. Purvi thanks Sakshi for returning. She tells her that she could not have done anything without her. Sakshi tells her that she did all this for Virendra and Kids too. Purvi tells her that the latter still loves him. Sakshi tells her that her love for Virendra won’t change and once Virendra gets out of jail she will leave because he and Kids are happy with the latter.

Next day, Purvi asks Arjun to have breakfast. He tells her that he is going to the crime spot to find evidence. She tells him that she will accompany him too. But he refuses saying that it’s his job so he will handle it and leaves from there. Sakshi overhears their conversation and tells Purvi that she is going out for some work and asks her to play with Kids.

Purvi goes to Kids room and plays with them. Juhi and Purvi searches Manas in Arjun’s room. They finds Manas in the cupboard. Purvi finds bullet and asks Kids to go to their room. She wonders that why he hided about this bullet from her.

Later, Arjun returns and Purvi shows the bullet to him and asks him to tell the truth. He scolds her for entering his room. He tells her that he found the bullet in that hotel room. She asks him that why he hided it from her. He reveals that he told bodyguard to give statement against Virendra. He tells her that he will save Virendra but he wants her which shocks her. He tells her that he want to marry her.

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