Nima Denzongpa 13th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Nari comes home and is angry at Nima. She says you didn’t call me today as you must be busy right? She leaves from there. Nima says I know a way to cheer up my daughters.

Varun asks Suresh if he drives a big car for his boss? Suresh says yes. Varun says you can use car Bluetooth to talk to Tulika. Suresh says do you want me to talk to her when my boss is sitting in the car? Are you all crazy? I am a fool but you all are clever? I can leave my job so I can talk to Tulika the whole day right? Then we will be hungry but can still talk. He angrily leaves. Sunita asks Tulika to stop taunting Suresh, if he leaves the job then we will be hungry. Tulika says I said too much to Suresh, I feel like he has someone else in his life. I shouldn’t doubt him so much.

Nima calls her daughters and says I have made momos for you all. Nari says I am not hungry. Nima makes her sit down. Nari says Mania and Sia have work pressure but you look, happy mama? Nima says we have a good house, we are doing well so what if there are troubles? These will go away. Mania asks Nari why is she in such a bad mood? Nima shows Paras’ gifts to them. Mania likes the watch and says I will keep it. Nima gives chocolates to Nari but she says stop it. I can see the truth, unlike Sia and Mania. You keep teaching us to become independent but you are roaming around with him? Enjoying a ride with him? I saw him with you. Nima says he is your father. Nari says don’t forget that he threw us out of the house when were helpless but you are roaming around with him like he is your boyfriend, maybe you have finally accepted that you are another woman in his life. Nima shouts enough and raises her hand but stops herself. All look on. Nima is hurt and says Suresh is working as a driver at my boss’ house, he got fired and needed this job so I couldn’t ask him to not take it. We were in the car because Suman sent us to do the work. I am hurt that my daughter is doubting my intentions. He was your father and will remain so. I can talk about him and we will help each other so I don’t need to explain anything to you. She goes from there. Nari looks on.

Tulika is collecting clothes to wash. She takes Suresh’s pants and finds Nima’s handkerchief there. She says I knew it.

Nari tries to talk to Nima but she is ignoring her. Nari cries and says I am sorry. She sits at her feet and cries. Nima says don’t do this. Nari hugs her and says when I see him, I get very angry. He never took me as his own so I can’t forgive him. You are my mother and father both. When I saw you with him today, I felt angry. This all happened because of me, if I was a boy then you wouldn’t have to leave your love. You had to become another woman in his life because of me. Nima hugs her and says never, I never regretted having you. I am living this life because of my daughters, you can never be my mistake. Mania and Sia hide to see them. Nima sees them and says Nari is my favorite. Sia and Mania come there. Mania says I knew I am not your favorite but Sia must be hurting hearing that Nari is your favorite. Nima laughs and says you both have pieces of my heart equally. They all hug each other and smile. Nima says let’s go and eat ice cream. Sia says I will get a treat.

Tulika comes to Suresh and shows him the handkerchief. He is stunned recalling it’s Nima’s. He ignores her. Tulika says how do you have ladies’ handkerchief? Whose is it? Answer me now or else.. Suresh says yes, it’s ladies’ handkerchief but it’s my boss’ wife who lost it in the car. Tulika shouts that you give me chance to doubt you. Sunita shouts at them to stop it, you both can go outside and enjoy some time together. He asks Suresh to take Tulika out. Varun says we all can go together. Sunita says great idea.

Nima is eating ice cream with Mania, Sia and Nari. Mania is about to take their selfie when she sees the photographer’s PA calling her. She ignores it.

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