Nima Denzongpa 12th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode begins with Sia working in the office and can’t find out her mistake. She goes for the lunch break.
Shiv is eating lunch with other colleagues. Sia comes there so Shiv says I am not hungry anymore and leaves. Sia looks on.

Mania comes to her house and cries for being thrown out of the shoot. Nari calls her and asks how was your shoot? You must be a supermodel now? Mania says I don’t want to be a model anymore. They fired me. Nari says what happened? Mania says they said I don’t have a style and attitude. How can I have it when I live in a chawl. Nari says I will come home and talk. She ends the call. Nima calls Mania who cries to her.

Suman asks Bakay to go to the market as I need some items. Bakay says you can ask Nima as I have hurt my foot. Maaji calls Nima and says you have to go to the market. Nima says I have a lot of work and go home so I can’t be late from work today. Maaji says we don’t have a choice. Suresh comes there and says let me know if there is any work for me? Suman says Nima can go in the car with Suresh. Nima says no, I will walk to the market. Suman says no, you will be able to reach there faster so go with the driver Suresh. Nima is tensed and goes with Suresh.

The photographer shows models’ photos to Paras. Paras says these are too modern for our business. This shoot is not good. He looks at the photos and finds Mania’s photos there. He recalls meeting her and says this is the best model for this brand. She is a big model so call her for another shoot. He smiles and leaves from there.

Sia is working in the office and tells her friend that I have too much work and I can’t solve it. She looks at her file again and sees her mistake being solved. She asks around but no one has solved it for her. Sia looks at Shiv and says I am sure he must have done it.

Suresh is driving Nima to the market. Nima asks him to turn off the AC. He does and opens the windows. He asks if he can play the radio? She nods. The song plays on the radio as Nima enjoys the breeze. Suresh smiles looking at her in the mirror. They come to the market. Suresh and Nima smile at each other. Nima goes to the market. Suresh finds her handkerchief and keeps it with him. Nima arrives back with stuff. They fill up the car so Nima has to sit on the front seat with him. He ties her belt and starts driving. An odd song starts playing, they both try to turn it off and start laughing. Tulika calls Suresh, he says I am driving and ends the call. Tulika says he never talks to me.

Nari is going back from college. She sees Suresh and Nima going in the ar and is shocked. Sia is leaving the office and sees Shiv outside. She tries to thank him but he ignores her and leaves.

Mania tells Nima that my career flopped even before starting. Nima says becoming independent is difficult. I got scolded by Maaji so much but it will make you stronger. Mania says I will not become a model now. Nima says just don’t worry.

Suresh comes home but Tulika is angry as he keeps ignoring her. Suresh asks her to stop it, I talk to you every day. Tulika says you don’t even take my call. Suresh says I am a driver so I can’t take calls while driving. Sunita says he is right.

Nari comes home and is angry at Nima. Nima says you got late today? Nari says but you didn’t call me as you were busy right? Nima looks on.

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