Sasural Simar Ka 2 12th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode begins with Sandhya telling Simar taht she is going to leave this house. Aarav comes and tells her that she will not go anywhere from this house. Aarav tells her that whatever she had done yesterday for Aditi it’s a big decision. Sandhya says that after staying here for them for 25years, if still she have to define her decision then it’s of no use. They don’t trust her. Sandhya tells to Aarav that Geetanjali Devi always praise that she had managed her children as well as her big empire on her own. She says she tries to be like her and takes decision for her children then that’s not allowed. She ask Aarav not to take her part as she is tired of all this and doesn’t want to give any explanation. Aarav saya that he will always support her for her courage. Sandhya says to Aarav that Gajender is also not trusting her, she cries and hugs Aarav.

Geetanjali Devi completes pooja, she calls Sandhya but she came late for pooja. Geetanjali Devi shouts at her and tells her if she is in hurry to leave the house then the dioors are open for her sh ecan leave right now as she is breaking all the rules of this house and coming late forbthe pooja. Geetanjali Devi tells that allmen in this house will go to bring Mangal kalash from temple and all ladies will prepare for hawan as today isbthe first day of Navratri. She adds to it that Sandhya Bahu if you want to leave then then leave the house before she comes back and if she stays then she have to give explaination and ask for apology from her. Aarav tells that mummy will not leav ethe house.

Badi Ma saya that it’s her decision to leave the house. She says that if Sandhya stays then she will understand that she doesn’t want to leave the Oswal name and her family. Simar request Badi that listen to what she wants to tell. Badi Ma stops her and tells that these people from outside are mindwashing our own people, who should go and look who is going. Geetanjali Devi then ask Aarav and Vivaan to get ready for temple as they will place the Mangal Kalash this time. Simar ask Gajender to support Sandhya, but he ignores it and tells to Badi Ma that they are getting late for temple.

Simar ask Sandhya not to leave the house, Sandhya tells her that she doesn’t have any option. Sandhya tells to Aditi that we will leave the house as they will leave. Chitra tells them let’s start preparing for Hawan otherwise Badi Ma will throw us out. Simar tells her not to worry about Hawan she will do it, she tells Chitra that she is not worried about Sandhya leaving the house. Chitra says to Simar that for now you will do it but you are here for few days only after that who will do so teach your sister few things before leaving. Reema gets angry and tells to Chitra that she knows her responsibility and if she need to learn then she will learn from her mother not from her youngers.

Aarav ask Simar to promise him that some how she will manage to stop Sandhya from leaving the house without apologizing to Badi Ma. He ask her to play her magic, he tells her that he will talk to Gajender and Badi Ma but donot let Sandhya leave the house. Vivaan ask Reema not to create problems as he is disturbed by Sandhya’s decision. Reema says this is happening due to Aditi’s wedding then why he is blaming her. Vivaan calls her toxic, instead Reema tells him that she will never leave this house and him.

Shobha is making Roma do house chores. Roma tells her to call Divya and they both will prepare for pooja. Shobha shouts at her that how newly wed bride will do all these. Manoj looks at Shobha and didn’t liked her treatment with Roma. He comes and explains her that she should not treat Roma like that, he tells her if she wants peace in her house then she should treat Roma nicely. When Aarav reaches temple, he wants to talk to Badi Ma but she stops him. Simar comes to help Sandhya with her packing. Sandhya is disheartened and says that she doesn’t know what pack as her life only rotated against her family. Simar tries to console her.

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