Sanjog Written Update 19th September 2022:

Sanjog Written Update 19th September 2022 on

Rajeev asks Amrita where did she go? Amrita says I will answer you later on, Rajeev furiously leaves. Amrita embraces Tara. Gopal embraces Gauri and his children in the mandir. He embraces Chanda and says nobody can grab Chanda from me. Gauri is furious and says you just consideration for her, I hung tight for you for quite a long time so you need to satisfy my fantasy now.

Gopal says I don’t take off from reality so I will give up to the police. Gauri inquires as to whether he has gone off the deep end? His mom says we left everything for yourself and you are saying this? Gopal says the police won’t extra my children in the event that I don’t give up. Chanda says nothing will happen to us Bappu.

Gopal embraces her and says I won’t allow anything to happen to you that is the reason I need to leave. Gauri says you are staying put. Gopal leaves from that point. Gauri runs behind him. Gopal calls the police and gives them a tip. Gauri stops him and says you can’t do this. Gopal says I’m doing this for yourself as well as my children, for Chanda. Gauri says she is my girl as well however I can’t let you go in view of her. Chanda comes there and hears all that.

Amrita is imploring in the mandir and cries. She says for what reason did you allow me to figure out that Tara isn’t my girl and that my little girl is for certain criminals? She says how might I not acknowledge Tara as my girl, she has been my girl for a very long time yet I was away from my genuine little girl for a long time.

Gopal places all relatives in a truck. He begins driving. He makes Chanda sits on the driving seat and requests that she take it all in. Gauri says you are doing a slip-up. Gopal says I can’t endanger Chanda’s life. Gauri says you just see Chanda? She attempts to control the truck away yet the police van begins following them. Alok is in the van and requests that the official continue to follow them. Gauri tells Gopal to not do this, all that will be done. Gopal says I need to make it happen.

Amrita embraces Tara and appeals to God for Chanda’s wellbeing. Rajini tells Rajeev that Amrita is offending you a great deal nowadays. Maasa says since Tara was conceived, Amrita has been acting like she is the sovereign. Rajeev says this is occurring a direct result of Tara, I was quiet previously however I ought to have set up Amrita when she offended you a long time back. I was unable to stop Amrita in light of Tara, due to my adoration for my girl.

Rajini says you generally focused on Amrita. Rajeev says you individuals needed a main beneficiary so I dealt with her. I cherished Amrita that is the reason I wedded her yet my affection for her disappeared. Then I got Tara and my affection for her is unique, her tears give me torment.

I can give my life for her yet Amrita is exploiting that. I can toss Amrita out of the house and separation her however at that point she will remove my Tara which I can’t bear. I’m keeping Amrita with me simply because of my girl Tara. He cries and erroneously cut his hand with a show-piece.

Amrita checks out at Chanda’s neckband and cries. Alok is following Gopal’s truck when he out of nowhere proceeds and drives off the precipice. Alok emerges from the vehicle and sees the truck tumbling from the precipice and an impact overwhelming truck in fire. Alok is stunned and yells Chanda!! Alok gets out whatever will I tell Amrita now? She was unable to get spouse’s affection or her genuine girl.

Amrita is stressed over Chanda’s wellbeing and reviews Tara’s words that she could leave her. She makes Tara rest and believes in the event that she ought to come clean with Rajeev about? He is her dad and he has a privilege to know reality. I will perform my responsibility as a spouse and as a mother.

Amrita comes to Rajeev and says I’m prepared to let you know everything. Maasa is there as well. Rajeev requests that she go on. Amrita says when Tara was conceived, one more child was brought into the world simultaneously in the medical clinic and her name was Chanda. Chanda has a skin pigmentation like a moon, Alok informed me regarding her. At the point when my girl was conceived, Alok was the first to see her. He had a go at coming clean with me previously however I halted him.

Maasa requests that she explain what she needs to say. Rajeev says I simply need to know where could you have been? Amrita says I went to track down that young lady Chanda following 7 years. I will let you know something now and you want to trust me. That evening, the children were traded and we got Tara rather than Chanda. Rajeev is stunned and says you are attempting to say that Tara isn’t my genuine little girl?

At any point do you figure I will accept this refuse, Tara is my little girl, my life and will constantly be. He furiously turns away. Maasa says you ought to be embarrassed about making up completely false like this. Rajini says you are utilizing your girl to not inform us regarding your whereabouts? Amrita says enough, I’m not lying. I’m coming clean.

She lets Rajeev know that our genuine girl is Chanda who was raised in a little town, encompassed by hoodlums. Tara is our girl however she isn’t our genuine blood. Rajeev stops her and says in all actuality Tara is my little girl and will constantly be. Another reality is that you are with me till now due to Tara just any other way I would have separated from you at this point. Amrita is stunned hearing that.

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