Sanjog Written Update 16th September 2022:

Sanjog Written Update 16th September 2022 on

Episode begins with Amrita setting inside Gopal’s home up to track down her little girl. While, Chanda takes her case and sees somebody going into the room. She believed Amrita to be her mom, while the last option begins going towards Chanda, when Gopal comes there and removes his girl from that point.

Amrita gets stunned and runs behind them to see Chanda, yet they absconds from that point and meets Gauri alongside their loved ones. Chanda says that somebody was calling out to her and request that Gopal stop yet he denies and shows his anxiety towards her. They runs inside the wilderness to get away from the police, while Amrita separates as she couldn’t ready to see her girl’s face.

Amrita goes through the crate kept by Chanda and detects the memento. She gets profound and decides to track down her girl, while Alok likewise comes there and broadcasts that Gopal and his family runs off away from that point. Alok consoles Amrita while the constable lets him know that Amrita’s telephone is consistently ringing.

Alok goes to beware of the telephone, while Rajeev gets angry at Amrita for staying away from his calls. He takes care of his girl and becomes worried for her. She mumbles Amrita’s name in an oblivious state, while Rajeev quiets his little girl and takes care of her. He again attempts to call Amrita, while Rajeshwari and Ranjini continues to actuate him against her.

Ranjini get some information about Amrita and request that he deal with himself. She shows her phony worry towards him and Tara, while Rajeshwari sets fire on his indignation against Amrita. In the interim, the last option takes off to track down Chanda and follows a truck. Alok sees her and surges behind her on a bicycle.

Amrita gets on the truck and request that they stop. Alok additionally stops them and gets worried for Amrita. They request that the driver open the truck and gets miserable after tracking down nothing. Amrita cries while Alok attempts to support her. He broadcasts that one day they will clearly get her girl back, while around then she sees Rajeev’s call and responds to it. She was going to say something when he request that she get once again to home.. She gets stressed and returns.

Ahead, Chanda descends the slope and was going to tumble down, when Gopal puts his life in danger to save her. Everybody gets strained, while Gauri holds Gopal. He guarantees Chanda that he won’t allow anything to happen to her and brings her up. Gauri embraces Gopal showing her anxiety for himself and shows her trepidation to free him, while he embraces Chanda and showers his affection to her. Gauri gets desirous seeing their bond.

Amrita arrives at the house and gets befuddled seeing the situation.. She inquiries regarding the matter and inquire as to whether they have given medication to Tara? Rajeev censures her and Ranjini likewise begins provoking her. Amrita attempts to cause them to comprehend about the matter, however nobody we should her talk. Tara gets blissful seeing Amrita and communicates her trepidation, while the last option comforts her and makes her rest.

Further, Rajeev faces Amrita and the last option attempts to inform him concerning their genuine girl Chanda. He gets stunned hearing her words, while Tara hits Amrita and takes off from that point announcing that she won’t take off from the house. Tara additionally gets basic and falls oblivious, while Amrita gets worried for her. Be that as it may, everything ends up being Amrita’s fantasy. She lets Rajeev know that she will come clean with him subsequently and request that he have confidence on her, while he looks on.

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