Sanjog Written Update 15th September 2022:

Sanjog Written Update 15th September 2022 on

Episode begins with Amrita and Alok examining the constable concerning Chanda and Gopal. He answers that they takes off from that point and tell about the skin coloration of Chanda. Amrita gets profound, while Alok takes her alongside him to view as her.

Amrita continues to implore get her little girl back, while Tara continues to request her mom. Manju goes into her room and attempts to take care of her, yet the last option gets irate and discards all the food. She begins shouting and yelling, while Manju attempts to quiet her down.

Tara gets asthma assault, while Manju get some information about the siphon, yet couldn’t ready to track down it. Rajeshwari gets stunned hearing every one of the commotions and goes to beware of Tara. Rajeshwari gets dumbstruck seeing Tara’s state and faults Amrita for it.

Ranjini likewise comes there and inform Rajeev about it as well. He calls the specialist and becomes stressed over his girl. He gets incensed at Amrita and chooses to face her. He continues to call her yet she overlooks his call as she attempts to track down Chanda. He brings the specialist and the last option really looks at Tara.

The specialist infuses Tara with the medication and cautions that the last option shouldn’t get any longer portion as it can influence her wellbeing seriously. He goes from that point while Ranjini and Rajeshwari actuates him against Amrita. They charges the last option for leaving her girl and faults her for the condition.

Rajeev gets madden and chooses to reprimand Amrita. Ranjini sneers subsequent to setting fire in Rajeev’s mind against Amrita. In the interim, Gauri ask her children and family to pack their stuffs. They chooses to leave the town and settle elsewhere to get saved from the police. Gopal questions that where they will go?

To which she shows Amrita’s image and says that they will get comfortable Jodhpur. Chanda likewise begins pressing her stuffs while Gauri request that she pick up the pace. In the mean time, Amrita arrives at the town and get some information about Chanda.

She goes towards the house, while Gopal and his family pursues away from that point emptying it. They attempts to disappear from the town, when Pradhan stops them. He defies Gopal and attempts to prevent them from leaving.

Ahead, Gopal represents his family and proclaims that he can do anything for them. He stands firm for Gauri and says that she was correct about Pradhan. The last option expresses that he won’t allow them to leave, to which Gopal slaps him and cautions about the results. Pradhan frowns at Gopal however at that point moves away giving them space to leave.

Amrita gets inside Chanda’s home however gets broken upon not viewing as her. She actually urges herself and goes to different houses to view as her. Though, Chanda gets once again to her home to take her case. She grins seeing her container, entire Gopal sees her missing. He chooses to see as her however Gauri prevents him from returning. He proclaims that he can gamble with everything for his girl and returns against Gauri’s desire.

Further, Amrita additionally chooses to really look at again inside the house in desire to track down her girl, while Chanda packs her crate to bring with herself. Though, Gopal likewise moves towards his home to help Chanda. Amrita gets inside the house and gets stunned, while Chanda likewise looks towards the entryway and becomes dumbstruck.

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