AnandiBaa Aur Emily Written Update 19th September 2022:

AnandiBaa Aur Emily Written Update 19th September 2022 on

Episode begins with Emily coming clean with Anandibaa about behind restitution of the photograph outline. She advise that Jaman fixed it, as Aarav requested that he make it happen. She denies about Moti Baa’s soul tolerating her and fixing her photograph outline.

She reviews how Aarav reassured her when she was miserable reasoning that why Anandibaa doesn’t tolerating her. In the mean time, Aarav guarantees her that all will be well and his mom will before long acknowledge her as the girl in-law of the family. He comforts Emily while she gets happy seeing his consideration towards herself.

Aarav frowns at Jaman for uncovering their ploy due to his misstep. Anandibaa frowns at the two of them, while the last option approaches and admits reality. He acknowledge that it was him who trained Jaman to fix the photograph outline, since he couldn’t ready to see Emily being harmed. He is sorry to Anandibaa while she continues to frown at him.

Anandibaa discusses the occurrence when Moti Baa’s soul has eaten Emily’s carefully assembled sweetdish. Emily answers to Anandibaa that it wasn’t Moti Baa’s soul yet Gulab, who have eaten it. Everybody gets stunned, while Emily inform that how Gulab loves sweetdish and has consumed everything from the store room.

Anandibaa checks out at him and glares with her eyes. Gulab approaches and admits his reality. He tells that he couldn’t ready to prevent himself from eating the sweetdish. Anandibaa gets irate at him and chides the last option. In the interim, Gunjan sneers and says that Moti Baa haven’t acknowledged Emily as Aarav’s better half. While, the last option informs that subsequent to knowing concerning Moti Baa’s soul, presently she isn’t frightened of any apparition.

Payal comes there and request that Anandibaa give the chunri to Emily, as the last option came clean with all, even subsequent to knowing the results. Anandibaa doesn’t get satisfied with the thought yet advances the chunri to Emily. The last option recalls the expressions of Ruler Krishna and denies to take it. She answers that she will take the chunri just when Anandibaa will acknowledge her earnestly.

Ahead, everybody gets stunned by Emily’s choice while Ruler Krishna meets her and values her choice. She gives the credit to him. While, Payal makes dhokla and Emily puts candle on it. Anandibaa taunts them subsequent to seeing the dhokla cake, while Priyanka comes there to visit them. She takes favors from Anandibaa and afterward meets Emily.

Anandibaa feels glad for fixing Priyanka and Nikesh marriage, while the last option examine about reality behind her marriage with Emily. She demands the last option to help her in giving separation to Nikesh. She tell that her mother by marriage is going to come to Anandibaa to examine about the problema in their relationship and request that Emily do according to their arrangement.

Afterward, Priyanka’s mother by marriage charges the last option for leaving Nilesh in view of his hairlessness. Anandibaa gets stunned, while Nilesh’s mom broadcasts to fault Anandibaa fir the partition of Priyanka and her child. Anandibaa proclaims Priyanka to be off-base, however Emily stands firm for herself and conflicts with Anandibaa. The last option gets angry and attacks Emily, while Aarav additionally gets frustrated. Afterward, Emily meets Priyanka and giggles feeling that Anandibaa was faking her displeasure.

Emily reviews the arrangement with Priyanka, when the last option told that Nilesh used to hurt her truly thus she needs to leave him, however doesn’t have any desire to uncover about his maltreatment to anybody. She vows to send a letter to Anandibaa and persuades Emily to help her.

However at that point she uncovers that she haven’t sended any letter to Anandibaa and Emily gets stunned understanding that the indignation of Anandibaa was genuine. Priyanka then takes a commitment from Emily, not to come clean to Anandibaa till she gets separated from Nilesh, while Emily gets into strife.

Precap:- Pinky and Gunjan assists with drying Anandibaa’s hair, while the last option request that they investigate Aarav’s matter. Gunjan replaces Aarav’s cleanser, while he scrubs down and gets stunned seeing himself uncovered. In the mean time, Anandibaa announces that she needs to check whether Emily will do the things she said or not? She expresses that the battle in the middle among Emily and her.

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