Sanjog 17th November 2022 Written Update:

Sanjog 17th November 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Rajeshwari requesting that Gauri give Chanda to them. She proclaims to embrace the last option, while everybody gets stunned. Amrita becomes close to home and expresses that she likewise needed to keep Chanda alongside them.

Rajeev denies to acknowledge his mom’s choice and broadcasts that his girl is just Tara. He announces that he will not acknowledge Chanda while Rajeshwari slaps him hard. All the relatives gets dazed seeing it, while Rajeshwari tells that Chanda and Tara both will remain in their home. She reminds Rajeev that Chanda is their blood and stands firm on her choice.

Rajeshwari lets Rajeev know that nothing is more significant then their name “Kothari” and states that they have acknowledgment simply because of their title. She announces that it has given them all that and request that he esteem it. She faces Gopal and Gauri and ask them to handover Chanda to them. She guarantees that they will keep both the children like sisters.

Gauri gets blazes of her arrangement where she advised Gopal to be alongside her. She reviews how not set in stone to get regard along with cash from the Kotharis. She sneers seeing her arrangement getting effective, while Gopal denies and says that he can’t let his girl disappear from him. He becomes miserable while Amrita attempts to make him comprehend. She expresses that she can sympathize with his aggravation and figure out his affections for Chanda.

Amrita guarantees Gopal that she will care for Chanda like her own little girl and announces that he will continuously be her dad. Rajeshwari faces him and states that they couldn’t give a decent future for their little girl and tells that she will give all the office to Chanda. She request that Gauri and Gopal ponder her deal.

Gauri says that she have not many circumstances to acknowledge Rajeshwari’s arrangement. The last option get some information about it, while she causes them to sit on the dinning table. She sits down before Rajeshwari while everybody gets paralyzed seeing her intense move. She begins her circumstances and states that she and her family will remain in a similar house as Kotharis and nobody will request that they leave from that point.

Ahead, Gauri expresses that nobody will regard her or her family as the worker, while Rajeshwari concurs for it. Ranjini begins reprimanding the last option while Rajeshwari stands firm for Gauri and admonishes her little girl. Though, Gauri broadcasts that she needs equivalent freedoms for herself in their family while Amrita guarantees her that nobody will abuse her.

Gauri says that Tara and Chanda ought to have equivalent things while Amrita again guarantees her for it. Rajeshwari says that she will request that her legal counselor make an agreement about it and fix the arrangement with Gauri, while Amrita stops them and ask Gauri not to come clean to their children, as they will not have the option to deal with it. The last option concurs for itself and makes an arrangement with Rajeshwari. Though, Amrita gets stressed for her loved ones.

Afterward, Amrita attempts to retouch her relationship with Rajeev while he expresses that main Tara is his girl. Around then the last option awakens and request that he toss Chanda out of the house. While, Gauri celebrates with her children and lets Chanda know that she need to remain with Kotharis.

The last option becomes strained and get some information about it while he makes sense of her that it is for her improvement. In the mean time, Tara says that Chanda grabbed Amrita from her yet the last option causes her to comprehend that she will constantly cherish Tara and uncovers that Chanda will likewise remain with her from here onward, while the last option gets enraged and denies to acknowledge it.

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